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Beetles are easily recognized by their hard shell exoskeleton. Beetles can become nuisance pests indoor and often feed from pantry stored items while others can also feed on common household items. Some beetles can cause damage during their larval stage feeding on carpet, fibers, and other collected insects inside a home. Adult beetles can lay eggs in furniture, closets, along the baseboards, inside walls and other cracks and crevices in a building.

Our Service
Beetles can be controlled by arranging a general pest control service. Our general pest control service will target beetles and eliminate an existing infestation and prevent a new infestation inside your home or business. Along with controlling other nuisance pests in a home, Midway Pest Management can help you with a comprehensive service to eliminate a beetle infestation.

What Can I Do To Prevent an Infestation
Ensure all exterior doors have properly working door sweeps as this will serve as the main method of stopping most insects from coming into a building. Do not leave any doors open and if a storm door or screen door is installed, make sure no visible light is coming in from any of the edges. Most storm doors and screen doors have the ability to have a door sweep installed and can be done fairly inexpensively.