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Raccoon Den Inside Chimney

5 raccoon kits were found inside the chimney. Due to kits only being 1-2 weeks old, they were removed from the original den and located in a temporary den for the mother to safely relocate them to a secondary den.

Raccoon Removal

If you have a raccoon problem in your home or business call us today at (913)820-9737 for a Free Estimate and Free Consultation.

Snake Encounter | Here Is What To Do!

If you have a snake and you need it removed, call for a FREE estimate and FREE consultation today at (913)820-9737. Here are some helpful tips.

Skunk Humanely Relocated

Our process of trapping animals starts with the placement of life traps in areas where wildlife has invaded, usually near gardens, ground burrows, undersides of decks, concrete slabs, or storage sheds. Traps are then monitored regularly. Once the animal has been successfully trapped we will remove and relocate the animal safely.

Bat Inside The House? DO THIS!

Get professional advice on the dos and don’ts if you encounter a bat inside your home. With this helpful video, you will also learn about our process of humane bat removal.

Bat Colony Inside Attic

One of our technicians is performing a bat inspection inside an attic with an active large bat colony present. We can see bats flying, roosting and heavy accumulations of bat guano and urine.