The Best Glue Traps for Mice

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Mice infestations can feel insufferable and may even cause serious problems if left unchecked, as mice steal food and bring different kinds of diseases to our families. Thankfully, glue traps have proven to be one of the most reliable solutions for addressing the infestation of mice in our spaces: simply put them in the corners of your home, and mice will eventually get trapped in them. However, not all glue trap brand choices are created equal, as there are brands that are more suitable for you, depending on your preference and the level of rodent activity in your home.

So what is the best glue trap out there? The best glue trap depends on what you need and what you’re looking for in a glue trap. If you want a cost-effective glue trap, Trapper Max Glue Trap and JT Eaton Stick-Em Rat Trap are your best bets. For heavy-duty action, you can try Catchmaster Baited Rat and KINGMAN. Meanwhile, Tomcat, ALAZCO, and Garsum also have sticky adhesives.

How to Choose the Right Glue Trap for You

Lay down your priorities and considerations before picking out mouse glue traps you find in the supermarket. Assess your situation and plan your method of rodent control. You can start by gauging the level of rodent activity, as well as the size, adhesion, cost-efficiency, and level of convenience of the trap. If you’re particular with eco-friendliness and humaneness, then consider those as well.

1) Rodent Activity

Types and brands of glue board traps have different efficacy that becomes suitable for varying situations. Your methods of rodent control may not be successful if you don’t inspect the rodent activity in your home.

Most glue traps may work well for you if you have a low or tolerable mice infestation. You might need many glue mouse traps with strong adhesive for larger infestations. Chronic infestations aren’t for the faint of heart, which is why you need to be aggressive with your method of rodent control.

It’s better to research more about the proper strategies for its placement. You can also consult with a pest control service provider. A pest control plan gone wrong may sometimes worsen mice infestation.

2) Trap Size

Figure out the size of sticky traps that you need now that you have assessed your rodent activity. Some homeowners make the mistake of buying mouse glue traps that are too small and less effective for the mice they have at home. Most adhesive glue boards work for mice with low activity.

You might need a heavy-duty sticky trap with powerful adhesive if you have big mice or rats. You can also diversify your trap by planting different types of traps like electric traps or catch-and-release traps.

3) Adhesion

A glue mouse trap’s adhesion is its unique selling point. Since this mouse trap catches mice with its sticky surface, you need to ensure that the brand you choose is sticky enough for mice to get trapped on them.

4) Cost-efficiency

Most glue mouse traps with powerful adhesive stickers can be costly if you also consider how many traps you need. The efficient rodent killing method using glue traps relies on placement, type of trap, and the number of traps you put relative to your rodent activity.

Prepare for the cost if you opt for high-quality traps. It should not be a problem if you have a budget for it. You can look for other brands of glue traps if you want to cut the cost a bit.

5) Convenient

Placing glue traps in your home to solve mice infestation might be challenging for first-timers. Pick glue traps that are convenient to use and have simpler instructions if you are starting with controlling mice in your home.

6) Eco-Friendly and Non-toxic

Some pest control products contain chemicals harmful to our health and the environment. You should also consider this aspect if you lead a greener lifestyle. Look out for toxic ingredients such as warfarin, brodifacoum, or bromadiolone. These ingredients are harmful to the environment as they can poison aquatic life. Avoid flushing these down the drain if you have encountered them.

Most glue traps are not poisonous to mice or rats but can be harmful to humans and pets. Some also have strong odors. Check its label and look out for other toxic ingredients.

Check a glue trap’s reusability, too. Some glue traps have sticky glue that starts hardening up once it comes in contact with air. You can no longer reuse those kinds of glue traps as much as you may want.

7) Humaneness

Check in with yourself if you can handle killing mice. Some people become squeamish about using glue board traps because they need to deal with finishing off the animal. Some of them cannot deliver the blow, so they will just fold the trap and leave the animal to die. Waiting for them to die on the glue trap is said to be inhumane because the mice will first suffer from suffocation, hunger, panic, and more.

You need to consider humaneness too when choosing the right type of mouse trap. You can still use glue traps more humanely–deliver the final blow that will make their death quick and painless. There are other methods of rodent control that are more humane, like using live traps and electronic traps.

Comparing Best Glue Mouse Traps

Picking a glue mouse trap has to be suited to what you and your space needs. So now that you’ve already set your priorities and conditions for choosing the best trap to use based on what was given above, here are the best glue trap brands that you can choose from:

1) Trapper Max Glue Trap

The Trapper Max Glue Trap is a good choice for those looking for a cost-effective trap. A single package contains 12 6.5 by 4.5 inches glue traps–enough for a single big night of mice extermination. You already get your money back and more with this brand. Each of the traps promises a strong adhesion, but some reviews say that some stickers are not as sticky.

The Trapper Max Glue Trap also passes the standards of being safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and pet-friendly. Its sticker does not contain any pesticide or toxic ingredient. It even has a peanut butter scent, so you may use this even without bait. Aside from rodents, this trap can also catch other pests and insects, such as scorpions, beetles, cockroaches, and more.

It has a flexible design that allows you to lay it flat or fold it in the shape of a tunnel. This shape will also keep your pet from getting stuck accidentally. However, this trap may not be as humane as you can handle. Trapper Max Glue Trap is one of the most reliable brands in the pest control industry.

2) ALAZCO Glue Traps

ALAZCO Glue Traps have many similarities with Trapper Max Glue Traps, but ALAZCO is more expensive. A box contains 12 traps with a size of 6.5 by 4.5 inches. It also has a strong adhesive that can trap different kinds of pests.

You can also set this up in your home by laying it flat or creating a tunnel. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and convenient, ALAZCO Glue Traps contain no toxic ingredients. This trap will not be as dangerous when your pet or family smells it. it’s also convenient to set up–you just peel off the film, and you get a sticky trap.

A probable downside of this trap is it might be too small for bigger mice or rats when you set it up like a tunnel.

3) Catchmaster Baited Rat

Catchmaster Baited Rat is the one you need if you are looking for a heavy-duty glue trap. Its strong adhesive ensures that it can withstand even humid areas. That means you can plant this trap even under your sink or in the bathroom. Its sticky formula also doesn’t harden quickly, providing you with a long-lasting trap that can even last for a year.

It also has a unique feature allowing it to stay put on the ground. You can use its Hercules Putty Fastener to secure the trap tightly and keep it from dragging off its position. This fastener will also ensure that it stays in place even if a big mouse runs on it and tries to wriggle away. You don’t need to use this trap with bait.

Catchmaster Baited Rat has a size that is bigger than ALAZCO and Trapper Max–5 by 10 inches. A box of 12 costs about twice a pack of Trapper Max Glue Traps. It’s also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly.

4) Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap

Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap is another effective glue trap manufactured by another brand popular in the pest control industry. The special thing about Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap is that it contains Eugenol, an oil extracted from cloves, to add strength to its stickiness. This brand also contains no pesticides, making it non-toxic.

Aside from being pesticide-free, Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap is also pet-friendly because it comes with a bait station. This bait station keeps your pet from getting caught in the trap. It also makes the trap resistant to different types of weather and may be used outdoors. It also has a size almost as big as Catchmaster Baited Rat with its dimensions of 10 by 4.88 inches.

You may need to plant bait on your own with this trap because it does not have a peanut butter scent like others. You can also buy an attractant of the same brand. You also cannot fold this trap, and the bait station might be too small for rats and bigger mice.

5) JT Eaton Stick-Em Rat Trap Traps

JT Eaton is also a reliable manufacturer of pest control products. Its glue trap, the JT Eaton Stick-Em Rat Trap also doesn’t disappoint. Its non-toxic and pesticide-free adhesive ensures that no mice can escape its hold. It has two glue boards adjacent to another, which you can conveniently use flat.

Its sticky adhesive also ensures a heavy-duty action like Catchmaster Baited Rat and can withstand the cold weather. This trap is ideal for you if you live in cooler climates. You can also use this trap outdoors. It’s cost-effective as well.

You can opt for the glue trap with a peanut butter scent if you want an attractant. The probable downside of this trap is that you cannot fold it, like the others.

6) KINGMAN Rat And Mouse Glue Trap

KINGMAN Rat and Mouse Glue Trap is one bulky mouse glue trap. Its heavyweight prevents rats and mice from dragging this trap when they try to escape. It also ensures an efficient action in catching rats, mice, and other pets.

This glue trap is also suitable for those who need a bigger trap. It’s also non-toxic, pet and kid-friendly, and convenient. A probable downside is the few reviews about this brand saying its glue may not be strong enough.

7) Garsum Mouse & Rat Glue Trap

Garsum Mouse & Rat Glue Trap also has a powerful adhesive that will surely catch mice and rats. It can even trap more than one mouse.

It has thick and foldable cardboard that you can also shape into a tunnel to keep your pets away. This non-toxic and odorless glue trap is convenient–you don’t need to touch the dead mice as you clean it.

Garsum Mouse & Rat Glue Trap doesn’t come with scented glue, but you can opt to buy one with a peanut butter scent. it’s not as resistant to water and direct heat, either. Heat the trap to loosen the adhesive if the weather is too cold.

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The best glue trap will depend on which brand highly meets your needs and your goals when exterminating pests. Trapper Max Glue Trap and JT Eaton Stick-Em offer you cost-effective solutions. If you need a more heavy-duty glue trap, you can choose Catchmaster Baited Rat and KINGMAN Rat and Mouse Glue Trap. ALAZCO, Tomcat, and Garsum are also good brands.

The key to a successful mice extermination using glue traps is placing many traps in the best locations. But if your pest infestation problem has gone out of hand, you might need a professional pest control service. Midway Pest Management can give you the right solutions to all pest problems. We offer different services for exterminating different kinds of pests in your space that are safe and efficient. Plan for a comprehensive pest control solution with us by scheduling an inspection today.

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