Flying Termites

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Tips to Prep Up Your Home Against Flying Termites After Rain

Rain can stimulate termite activity in your home. That’s because most of them are drawn to damp and humid conditions.…
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How to Get Rid of Flying Termites

Swarms of multiple winged termites usually appear during springtime. These insects will come out of their colonies to search for…
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Can Flying Termites Chew on Clothes?

Few people consider clothing damage when thinking of termites. Fabric pest is mostly associated with carpet beetles, clothes moths, flying…
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Why You Should Care About Flying Termites in Your Home

The sight of a flying termite in your home can set alarm bells off in your head. We've heard too…
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How to Naturally Kill Flying Termites Without Chemicals

A flying termite infestation at home is really one of the biggest nuisances any homeowner can have. While it’s easy…
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Are Termite Bait Stations Effective For Flying Termites?

The risk of a termite infestation within your home increases as the season changes along with the rise of humidity…
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Treatment Options for Flying Termite Prevention

A termite infestation is definitely hard in itself, and a winged termite infestation is definitely harder. Nonetheless, even though dealing…
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