Exhaust Vent Clean-Out

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Midway Pest Management provides exhaust vent cleaning as part of Integrated Pest Management services as insect, rodents, bats and birds can enter exhaust vents and create blockages due to nesting material accumulations. It is important to maintain clear airflow to reduce fire hazards and prevent pests from entering exhaust vents.

Is Your Drier Not Properly Drying?

Most of the time when a drier is not properly drying it is an indication of lint build-ups which prevent proper airflow and decrease the efficiency of a drier. Blockages put additional mechanical stress on drier but often lead to poor drying, heat element damage and possible fires. We often think that the cause of blockages is lint, however pests can also create blockages. Midway Pest Management also specializes on exhaust vent clean outs and can help you also keep the pests outside of the exhaust vents. Vent clean-outs are just as important as routine pest control. 

Common Pests Found Inside Exhaust Vents

  • Wasps
  • Birds
  • Mice 
  • Rats
  • Chipmunks
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