Rodents, All About Mice and Rats in Kansas City

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Welcome to another episode with Midway Pest Management. I am your host Luis Gonzalez. And today I want to talk to you about some tips on how to get rid of mice and rats. Give you some advice on preventative measures. And also, if it’s something that you don’t like to deal with, you can ask for professional help. And here at Midway pest management, we can help you. So let’s get started mice and rats definitely not something that people want to see inside their homes. The most common signs that you have a mouse infestation is the obvious one that you see one running across the living room or if you’re in the workplace, see one running across the desk. The other signs is just the evidence that they leave behind. A lot of times they’ll knock at boxes in pantries or you’ll see remnants of other items that they’ve been feeding such as like pastas, grains of rice flour, you’ll see their droppings, usually their droppings are going to be along baseboard edges. Whether it’s a home or an office building mice will run alongside of the wall. And then in that process, they leave droppings behind. So what can you do to reduce mice activity without professional pest control. So number one is making sure that trash is being taken out of the home on a very frequent regular basis. Make sure that food crumbs they’re not being left behind. This will draw the mice more into the house, especially if we had mice coming in. And then they find food crumbs, they find a good food source, then we’re basically inviting them to stay indoors and begin nesting and reproducing. So taking out trash on a regular basis cleaning up any food crumbs and then the biggest one, which a lot of the times it’s hard to control if you have pets at home, you obviously leave the dog, dog bowl, dog football water bowl. What happens with is is that these unattended food and water sources just serve as a great food source for them. And then what happens is they keep feeding on that they establish in the home they begin to reproduce in the walls and the attic. In other areas where then it can become a pretty difficult problem to eliminate preventative measures that you can take and this is the same for mice or rats. sealing up in these small gaps holes around the foundation perimeter of the house if there’s any roofing gaps, the biggest things that we see our technicians whenever we do inspections is going to be plumbing gaps electrical gaps, a big one that goes unnoticed just because of its location, it’s going to be the facia, where the gutters attach a lot of the times, especially during the winter, we’ll have snow accumulate there and then it’ll weigh it down where it begins to wood rot. And when it rains or again, when snow accumulates, it pushes the weight of that gutter pushes down and it separates the facia from the roof. And then that’ll create a gap all along the gutter where mice and well in this case, not not only mice and rats, but also bats and squirrels can potentially enter the attic. So making sure that you do periodic inspections around the perimeter of your home or business and make sure that all of these small gaps are properly sealed. That’s going to be the best way to prevent mice or rats from entering a dwelling. And then the other one that’s very, very common is door seals, garage door seals, regular door seals, they’ll get chewed up on the corners by mice or rats and then they make their way into into the home or business. A lot of the times these door seals haven’t been replaced in many, many years and they begin to deteriorate just over using they’ll begin to dry out or they’ll just start to weather and tear apart. And that gives a you know a great opening for mice or rats to enter the dwelling. So just replacing door seals goes a long ways and preventing these uninvited guests. Now if you’re the type of person that does not like to trap and deal with mice, you can always contact a professional pest control service provider. Midway Pest Management offers rodent population control rodent prevention services and we can definitely assist you with that. Basically our processes if you’re having any issue, you contact the office submit a service request one of our technicians would come out there do an inspection of the inside the outside of the house take a look at the house top to bottom left glaring gaps openings and then we will give you a service option for trapping the mines that are already established inside the dwelling give you some seal of service options. This is going to take care of any small gaps along the foundation around the roof again We’re just trying to prevent mice from finding their way into the walls to the attic and then into the home. And then we would also provide you with service options to continue a rodent population control. This is going to keep mice and rats at bay keep the population levels down. And this is done intentionally so that whenever we have weather patterns, changing, whether it gets hot, cold, or we have storms, that you don’t have an influx of mice coming into the house, seeking shelter. Once miser inside the house, then depending on the habitat depending on if you have a lot of food crumbs, if there’s trash, they’ll they’ll either stay and begin to reproducer or, you know, a nice, clean tidy home just creates a just a shelter habitat but not really a reproduction habitat where they’re going to have not only shelter but food or water. So if we can control trash, water sources inside the home, then these uninvited guests don’t have the ideal condition for them to begin to reproduce. I hope you have found this video helpful. Again, my name is Louise with midway pest management. If you have any questions regarding any of the information that I just spoke about, feel free to contact our office at 913-820-9737. I would be happy to speak with you directly. Or if you’re having a problem and you want to go ahead and schedule service get a hold of our friendly staff and one of our service experts will come out to your home or business and do an audit for you. Thanks for watching, or if you’re tuning in, via radio or podcast link. Thank you for listening to this this podcast. Have a wonderful rest of your day.