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Having a Silverfish problem?

Things to know about silverfish:

  1. Dwell in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, sinks, basements, utility rooms, laundry rooms and any area which high moisture content is present.
  2. Side to side movement resembles that of a swimming fish.
  3. Silvervy light grey in color and fish scale-like appearance.
  4. Silverfish are wingless
  5. Speed to outrun other insects is their defense mechanism as they do not bite, sting or carry venom.

Silverfish are nocturnally active

Silverfish navigate their way at night by using their long sensitive antenna. These insects are active at night and most sightings occur at night or early morning, this is why most people notice silverfish when they enter the bathroom at night.

Silverfish diet

Silverfish primary diet consist of protein rich food and starches. Common foods are fibers, sugars, dog food, grains, stored cereals.

How to get rid of Silverfish
Don’t try to tackle a silverfish infestation on your own. The damage these little insects can create is worth contacting a pest management professional. Midway Pest Management can help you resolve this issue and help you prevent a recurring problem with silverfish.

Our quarterly maintenance pest program offers you the protection you need to eliminate and prevent silverfish from making your home their own. Silverfish can become a big problem as damage to fabric can become very noticeable specially if left unresolved for long periods of time.