How Do You Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage?

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Coming across a spider inside your garage or within your vicinity can be a pretty frightening encounter especially when you don’t have the right tools and know-hows on how to make them go away. These eight-legged, creepy crawlers can be a bit erratic at times and for the most part, they are considered to be territorial creatures. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with keeping them away from your homes, and you can use the most efficient and effective ways possible.

So how do you keep spiders out of your garage? By keeping your garage area clutter-free, using warm yellow light, closing the cracks of your walls, using commercial insecticides, and diffusing essential oils, you are sure to say goodbye to these creepy crawlers in no time. But if things really get out of hand, it’s always best to call for professional help to get rid of them entirely. Stick around if you want to know how to keep these spiders in check.

How Do You Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage?

Anyone can feel bugged when there are bugs inside their homes, including spiders. Technically, spiders aren’t considered bugs nor insects but a class of their own called Arachnida. There are many ways to get rid of the spiders living rent-free in your garage. Here are some of the most widely-used, successful, and proven and tested courses of action anyone can take at any given scenario, and at any given time.

1. Keep It Clutter-Free

First and foremost, make sure to keep your space clutter-free. Spiders love to lurk in dirty and messy places, so it’s best to keep your area nice and clean. You may opt to use storage airtight containers that are made of plastic instead of cardboard boxes since spiders, and most insects, will have a harder time crawling into them. Make sure to remove spider webs in the bathroom, ceilings, attic, kitchen, basement, backyard, garage, and other hard-to-reach places and areas in the house.

It’s also advisable to vacuum regularly in order to keep your place neat and tidy to avoid unwanted and unpleasant pests. Don’t leave leftover food on the table, since they may attract ants or other insects, which then in turn, will attract spiders. Pick up as much clutter as possible and throw away unwanted things as these may most likely be some of the hiding places of our furry (not so friendly) friends.

2. Use Warm Yellow Light

Another way to manage spiders at home, use warm yellow light bulbs instead of the regular white light bulbs. There’s actually a scientific study behind this. Spiders perceive light differently than us humans do, which is why most of them have difficulty perceiving low color temperature lights. They basically see yellow lights as almost invisible.

Another thing, when you use the regular artificial lights, insects are naturally drawn to its illumination (as opposed to the yellow lights), thus this is somewhat like setting up a banquet for the creepy crawlers to lurk into your homes. With a simple adjustment in proper lighting, you can control and reduce the number of spiders at bay in your home. So for instance your garage lights are of natural light like white, then changing it to yellow will do a lot of good in reducing the spider populations in your home.

3. Close The Cracks

Equally important to this list of having a spider-free place is to close the cracks of your exterior and interior walls, windows, around the edge of doors, cabinets, ceilings, etc. These opening areas are considered to be the spiders’ playgrounds since they like to venture out into the cracks to look for prey. Spiders also use them to hide from predators as well.

Having your house patched up and sealed will not only prevent spiders and other bugs from getting inside but will also keep your home warm. It’s best to fix or replace window screens since spiders can quickly get through even the tiniest holes. Survey your place for any cracks in every nook and crannies, and it will be sure to get rid of the current spiders around your home in no time.

4. Use Commercial Insecticide

It’s also advisable to use commercial insecticides. Spiders are generally attracted to areas and places where there are insects for them to hunt and feed on. Applying a residual pesticide can be handy especially when things are getting hard to control.

It’s best to use a commercial insecticide that is safe for your home and has a natural scent to it, like citrus or better yet, something that is odorless. Spray generously in every corner of your home where bugs may likely be found. Take precautions, read and follow the instructions on the label carefully for safety purposes.

5. Use Essential Oils

Spraying your home and garage clean with essential oils is actually a great and healthy way to eliminate the creepy crawlers. It’s believed that spiders cannot tolerate the scents of essential oils and would run for the hills in the opposite direction. That leaves your house smelling garden-fresh and all-natural at the same time, preventing bugs from entering. It’s a win-win situation! Here are some of the best and most effective natural repellents you can start using to have a pest-free home.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is an aromatic herb that can be found naturally in North America and across Europe. This essential oil has a lot of benefits, and one of them is to drive away pesky spiders. Its odor is cool and refreshing, similar to its taste.

Spiders steer clear from this essential oil primarily because of its strong scent. In order to create a spider-repellant spray, you’ll need about five drops of peppermint oil, a 16-ounce spray bottle with water, some dish soap, and there you go! Shake the mixture up and spray away on every dark corner, door, window, and on all perimeters of your garage.

Citrus Oil

Generally, all spiders hate any citrus-like scent. When you’re into a more invigorating, pulpy sweet smell, the citrus oil is the right spider-repellant for you! Citrus essential oil is a natural ingredient that can also serve as a health remedy. You can easily prepare this repellant by squeezing and combining half a lemon and mixing it with water.

Another method of using the citrus essential oil spider-repellent is by grinding sun-dried fruit peels and sprinkling them around your home every week. You’ll be sure to bid the spiders goodbye any time soon once you start using the citrus oil.

Eucalyptus Oil

Another interesting essential oil repellent is the eucalyptus oil which is actually pleasant-smelling which wards off the spiders without causing them harm. You can create your eucalyptus oil-repellent by mixing five drops of said oil, plus 10 mL of gin or vodka (to give that extra kick), and 200 mL of water.

Spray away to your heart’s desire without having to worry about strong odors since this is a natural repellant. Spray on areas where you think spiders may lurk, and they’ll retreat and remain outside your doors in an instant.


Citronella oil dates back to the ancient Chinese and ancient Indonesian era. This oil has been used to treat rashes, infections, and other health problems over thousands of years ago. It’s also widely used as an insect repellent and can be seen as a key factor in manufacturing pesticide products as well as sunscreen and lotion products. This is a sure way to drive away those spiders also without harming them.


Aside from the many benefits of lavender oil, it can also serve as an anti-spider spray! You can actually grow one in your backyard, outdoor garden, or have it as an indoor plant. Squeeze the flowers, collect the oil, and then add it into your bottled water spray and you’ll have yourself an easy DIY spider-bug-free spritz!

Do These Work for All Spiders?

There is a reason why these processes are highly talked-about and widely used; it’s because they work 100% at all times, and there’s the science to prove it! Although these methods surely work on all types of spiders, the main question arises regarding the volume of these pesky creatures. It’s always best to seek professional help whenever things get way out of hand. This is specifically the case for poisonous spiders like the Black Widow spider.

Why Are Spiders In Your Garage?

Aside from the reasons previously mentioned, spiders also hang in your garage for numerous reasons. Some of which are to hide away from prey, look for food supply, and because your garage is usually a dark space which we will further tackle one by one once we go along.

1. To Hide Away From Prey

Spiders may find your garage a safe spot to rest and hide away from nasty predators. These creatures love to disguise themselves and hide behind the shadows; it’s one of their survival instincts! It’s best practice always to close your doors and seal up any cracks that may allow them to enter your home.

2. To Look for Food Sources

One main element why spiders love to hang in your garage is because you might be having a constant steady food supply, which attracts the spiders who want to have a taste. It’s imperative to always clean as you go in order to avoid having pesky pest problems.

3. Because It’s a Dark Space

Another factor to consider is that your garage is a dark place in which spiders love to lurk. Temperature can also be warmer inside your home and cozier, which can invite our furry little friends.

What Kind of Spiders Should You Expect in Your Garage?

You can expect different kinds of spiders hanging out in your garage, ranging from American house spiders about the size of a nickel to Wolf spiders that can grow up to an inch or so. This can also depend on what area your home or office is located, as well as the weather.

Get Rid of Unwanted Spiders with Positive Pest Management

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