German Roaches Are a Problem in Kansas City

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to another podcast with Midway Pest Management. I am your host Luis Gonzalez. And today I want to talk to you about German roaches. In this podcast, I’m going to answer a series of commonly asked questions. And this is with the hope that it helps you understand German cockroaches a little bit better in the event that you or somebody that you know, get some so that they understand, you understand what needs to be done. So let’s start with question number one. What do German roaches look like? German roaches are light, tan light brown color. They’re about a half inch long, and they have two dark stripes that run down on the back of the head. There are the most prevalent roads in Kansas and really throughout the Midwest. This road is usually the one that infest at inside homes inside offices, warehouses, grocery stores, it is the most problematic Roach that we have. Another question from one of our customers is how fast do German cockroaches reproduce? The short answer to that is very fast. This is why whenever you notice a German Roche it is important that it is eliminated quickly because they go from seeing a few to seen dozens and seen hundreds rather quickly. Another question is where did German cockroaches hide? German cockroaches because of their small size. They can hide anywhere electrical outlets, wall voids, behind baseboards, behind counters and cabinets, behind refrigerators in appliances, because they’re they’re usually like a refrigerator has a motor that’s going to get hot warm in there that is in. It’s an ideal place for roaches to reproduce and live other electronics as well throughout a home a business. So they can they can hide anywhere. They’re just that small. Okay, another question is how do I get rid of German cockroaches. So getting rid of German cockroaches is not that simple. And what I always recommend for German cockroaches is having professional treatment. I do understand that, you know, we’re a pest control firm. And we like doing services. And you know, sometimes people rather do a DIY method and this for many reasons, you save money by doing it yourself. However, when it comes to a German Roach infestation, I just don’t recommend you do an a do it yourself method. And the reason being is these roaches tend to build tolerance to products being used. And if ineffective treatment is done, you can actually make super roaches they become tolerant to the products and it just becomes that much more difficult to get rid of. Even for us as a pest control service provider, we have to be cautious in recognizing that if a product is being used and that Roach is tolerated, we may have to switch and use a different product that is most effective. But a pest control service provider is going to use a variety of products, Bates liquids, aerosols, we’re going to use Quick knockdown, long lasting residual products to get rid of them and then also insect growth regulators. These are whole hormones that interfere with the developmental stages of a German roach. Okay, another question is how do I prevent German cockroaches from coming back, obviously, you got rid of the roaches you don’t want the roaches back, you know good hygiene, taking trash out frequently, keeping the areas where the infestation was once keeping it clean, usually that is the kitchen. So you know keeping the stove clean refrigerator clean, taking trash out, cleaning the floor. Vacuuming often all of this, you know will create an environment that is not as suitable for German roaches to reproduce. And so last question is are German cockroaches dangerous? And the answer to that is they can spread bacteria viruses. But the biggest issue that we have is as these roaches die off, they break down into fragments and then those fragments with body parts get suspended in the air into tiny particles, which then you are breathing. You know you get them in your eye and your nose and your ears and your mouth. They are traveling throughout the age vac system. So that can potentially have an allergic reaction on certain people. And people with autoimmune disorders can definitely you know end up with asthma attacks and can end up in more serious conditions in the hospital. So having roaches is no joke especially the German roach. So if you do have them, eliminate them and eliminate them quickly and then cleaned them up after you know they’ve been eliminated. I hope that you have found this podcast helpful. My name is Louise with midway pest management if you have any questions give us a call Call at 913-820-9737. I would be happy to speak with you directly and answer any questions that you may have. If you don’t currently have a pest control service provider and you’re dealing with German roaches call us we can help you. We are located in the Kansas City Metro we serve as the entire Kansas City Metro as well. If you have a any insect but if you have a roach specifically and you want us to identify that you can submit an email picture to us and you can send that over to info at Midway pest myself or another service technician will look at that and we can give you a positive ID almost every time with a clearer picture. Thank you for tuning in. It’s been great talking to you and I wish you a wonderful day.