What Do American Cockroaches Look Like In Kansas City

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Hi everyone. Welcome to another podcast with Midway Pest Management. I am your host Luis Gonzales and today I want to answer some frequently asked questions about American roaches. Let’s start with question number one. What do American roaches look like? adult American roaches are more of a reddish copper ish color, they have really long antennae. And usually they’re going to be anywhere between an inch and a quarter to about an inch and a half inch and three quarters in length, the names or immature adults are going to be a little bit lighter in color. And these in mature young are going to go through about 10 to 14 stages of growth. The names will mature anywhere between six months to almost two years just depending on conditions relatively relative humidity, and then the environment where they’re living. The adult females will lay omega k or Theca. These earthy colors will have about anywhere between 14 to 16 eggs, and they are left behind in areas close to where there’s a food source. Next question is where do American roaches lift? So American roaches usually are found near drains, sinks, toilets. They thrive in sewage pipes, so they’re going to be anywhere close to where there’s sewage lines or plumbing. Next question is what do American roaches eat? American roaches thrive in sewage line. So they’re gonna eat feces and other organic byproducts. So they live in really nasty environments. So having these roaches come into a building, either the workplace or at home is not good at all. So next question is how can we get rid of American roaches. Once these American roaches are inside the building, it can be a challenge to get rid of them, although they are not the most difficult Roach to get rid of. If it’s a light infestation or an isolated incident that happened, you know just set some glue boards around the baseboard throughout the home or if it’s a workplace throughout the workplace. Usually they’re going to be living in areas where there is more humidity. So try to set the school board’s close to any areas where there’s age back or whether it’s plumbing. If it’s a moderate to heavy infestation a well established American Roach infestation is going to require you know, professional help for my pest control operator. Sometimes these infestations occur because there’s broken pipes, so maybe even having a plumber inspect the drain pipes. In the sewage lines just for any breaks, a lot of times the pipes will run over time exposing gaps and openings throughout them. So then these roaches end up inside the walls and then grossly they end up inside your home. So last question that we have for this podcast is are American roaches dangerous? Yeah, they are dangerous because they live in really nasty environments. And then coming into your home into your workplace can contaminate things that you’re going to touch come in contact with. And then another big issue that we see really with any Roach but you know specifically the American roach in this case, as they die, their bodies desiccate. And then as they desiccate, it starts to break down in fragments. These fragments can then become airborne and up in the age vac system and then eventually they can end up in your eyes, nose, your mouth, ears, and then that can pose some significant health hazards. I hope that you have found this podcast helpful. If you have any questions, you can always contact our office at 913-820-9737 You can ask to speak with me I’d be happy to speak with you anytime. Also, if you have a roach or any other insect that you want us to IDX I invite you to send a picture to our email info at Midway pest management.com and then either myself or one of our technicians or ontem entomologist and staff will take a look at that and then we’ll respond to you with a correct ID. Thank you for taking the time to tune in. I want I wish you a wonderful day.