Carpenter Bee Removal in Johnson County KS

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Midway Pest Management specializes in providing safe and effective bee removal services. Our team of experienced professionals uses environmentally-friendly methods to safely relocate bees without harming them or the surrounding environment. 

Bee infestations can be a serious and costly problem that should not be ignored. The aggressive behavior of bees poses health risks and structural damage to both homeowners and businesses.

To save time, money, and hassle in the long run, consult the bee removal experts – Midway Pest Management!

Types of Bees

Kansas is home to a variety of bee species including:

  1. Honeybee – We do not service for or harm Honeybees. These bees can be classified into 3 types: workers, drones, and queens. Honeybees play a crucial role as pollinators for various plants, making them an essential part of the ecosystem. (For Honeybee colony removal, please contact us and we will assist you by referring you to a reputable local bee keeper.)
  2. Bumble bee – bumblebees are relatively large, with fuzzy bodies, and distinctive buzzing sounds. These species play a vital role in pollinating both crops and wildflowers.
  3. Stingless bee – Stingless bees are smaller than honeybees and bumblebees, and they don’t have a stinger. You can find them in tropical regions around the world.
  4. Carpenter bee – carpenter bees get their name because they bore tunnels in the wood where they build their nests. While they play an important role as pollinators for many plants, they can also cause damage to wooden structures and are considered pests.
  5. Leafcutter bee – to line their nest cells, leafcutter bees create tiny circles of leaves. These bees are crucial pollinators for many plants and can commonly be found nesting in the ground or rotting wood.
  6. Sweet bee – sweat bees are attracted to perspiration and are often seen in gardens during hot weather. They are not dangerous and actually play an important role in pollinating plants.
  7. Long-horned bee – these bees prefer to live alone and create their nests in holes that females dig under shrubbery. They are crucial for pollinating wildflower prairies and sunflowers.
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Our Bee Removal Process

Midway Pest Management has a 3-way process that is efficient, safe, humane, and eco-friendly – making it the perfect choice for you! Our process begins by:

  1. A thorough inspection to accurately identify the bee problem, including the species of bee and their nesting location.
  2. Utilize safe and humane removal techniques that prioritize the well-being of both the bees and our clients. Our team is trained in environmentally-friendly treatments that aim to minimize harm to the surrounding area.
  3. Provide a service that is not only effective but also responsible in terms of environmental impact.

By choosing Midway’s Bee Removal Process, you can rest assured that your bee problem will be resolved without harm to the bees or their habitat. Trust us for efficient and eco-friendly bee removal services.

Why Choose Us?

Midway Pest Management offers professional and reliable bee removal services that provide numerous benefits.

Elimination of bee infestations

We guarantee the complete elimination of bee infestations from your property, ensuring your peace of mind by knowing that you won’t have to deal with them again.

Prevention of future infestations

We take proactive measures to prevent future infestations by identifying the root cause and offering expert advice on how to keep these stinging insects away.

Protection of your property and safety

We protect both your property and safety by safely removing bees without causing any damage or harm. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to minimize any potential risks associated with bee aggression.

Professional and reliable service

Our personalized approach ensures that you receive tailored services that meet your specific needs. We understand the importance of the prompt resolution of bee-related issues, so we work efficiently to provide quick solutions that will suit your schedule and preferences. 

With our comprehensive solutions and expert techniques, you’ll be well-protected against future infestations while keeping your property safe from damages caused by bees.

So why wait? Contact us today for fast, reliable service!

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What are some signs of a bee problem?

If there’s a loud and frequent buzzing noise coming from outdoors, an unusual number of bees appearing in your home, and a sight of honey drippings on your walls or ceiling, you might have a bee problem. Getting professional help to remove the bees is recommended to prevent any potential harm to you and your family.

Should I try to remove bees on my own?

You should not attempt to remove bees on your own. Doing so can be risky if you’re not properly trained. It’s best to hire a professional as they have experience and understanding of bee life cycles, which allows them to safely remove the bees and assess any damage. 

How much does beehive removal cost?

Beehive removal costs can vary significantly based on several factors such as the type of bee involved, the complexity of accessing the hive, and the severity of infestation. For inquiries, give us a call at (913) 820-9737.

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