Overland Park, KS

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Overland Park, Kansas is the second largest city in the state of Kansas. Situated in Johnson County, it is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area and its most populous suburb.


Overland Park, Kansas has a remarkable history. Since 1905, William B. Strang Jr. and others have helped to develop what is now the second largest city in Kansas, just behind Wichita. In 1960, Overland Park’s population was 28,085 and had grown astronomically to 111,790 by 1990.

As a result of the area’s greenfield developments and annexation of land over time, this lush urban area now covers an expansive 75 square miles that span Johnson County—a paradise for its residents and park visitors alike.

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In 2020, Overland Park, KS had a population of nearly 193,000 people. The median age here was 38.5 and the median household income was 87,629. Between 2019 and 2020, the population increased by over 1 percent and the median household income went up by 1.32 percent.

Residents of Overland Park tend to enjoy longer lives – the life expectancy here in 2018 was 81.9 years whereas it was 79.7 for all of Kansas and 78.6 for America as a whole. Mortality rate per 1,000 inhabitants was 8.4 – lower than both state-wide numbers (9.2) and national ones (8.9).

Recent census data shows that Overland Park, even though considered as a diverse city, it is still has a predominantly white community. 

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White (Non-Hispanic)76.3%
Asian (Non-Hispanic)8.62%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)4.68%
White (Hispanic)4.64%
Two+ (Non-Hispanic)2.84%


Education in Overland Park is open to all. The recent census of 2020 showed nearly 2,225 high schoolers (1.67%) and 16,053 graduates (12.05%). Of those, 22,874 had some college experience (17.18%), with 6,627 earning associate’s degrees(4.95%). In addition, 23,739 had bachelor’s degrees (17.81%) and 18,927 obtained higher education (14.31%).

Gender balance was 51.2% female to 48.8% male, showing that the city provided equitable options for both genders and backgrounds.

Overall, Overland Park ensures educational opportunities are available to all its citizens and strives for excellence on an equal level across gender and background alike.


The only hospital located in Overland Park is AdventHealth South Overland Park. It offers quality healthcare. 24/7 emergency services, birth care, integrative medicine, and imaging facilities are all provided. Therapists and technologists of high caliber staff the center. In addition, PT Solutions Physical Therapy runs world-class clinics for family rehab.

For those who need it most, personalized care is available. Nutrition and functional medicine centers provide various options. Bone-density scans, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds, and X-rays are all at hand. Reliable care is just a visit away.

Recent data shows that over 94.4% of the population of Overland Park, KS has health coverage.

Health CoveragePercentage
Employee Plans64.9%
Non-Group Plans12.5%
Military or VA Plans1.01%


Overland Park offers commuters plenty. Close to 6% take public transit, just over 5% walk, and near 2% opt for other modes such as biking and ridesharing.

RideKC, run by the KCATA, is a metro-wide transit service providing weekday travellers to Overland Park and Johnson County. Plus companies like Roundabout Transportation and Overland Limousine Service provide airport shuttles, limos, town cars, vans and luxury transport. For enhanced transport needs there is also the Overland Chauffeured Services and Assisted Transportation.

Residents and visitors will find reliable travel that suits life in Overland Park nicely.

Points of Interests

Overland Park, Kansas is a vibrant city that has something for everyone! From its recreational parks to upcoming events and performing arts, residents and visitors alike can enjoy quality time together with their loved ones. There’s always something new to explore in this growing city, making it an ideal destination for all ages.

  • Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead: Home to dozens of animals, educational attractions, playgrounds and food options.
  • Matt Ross Community Center: Offering a variety of programs and activities, including fitness classes, swimming, and more.
  • Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens: Spanning over 300 acres of gardens, trails and ponds.
  • Overland Park 9/11 Memorial: Honoring the victims of the attacks with a powerful tribute.
  • Oak Park Mall: An adventure in shopping with over 180 stores.
  • Kansas State Capitol: The seat of government for their state featuring neoclassical architecture.
  • Sedgwick County Zoo: An array of species from around the world for all to explore.
  • Indian Creek: A natural oasis right outside of town that can’t be missed.
  • Old World Ballonery: Check out hot air balloons in action or take a ride yourself!
  • American Royal Museum and Visitors Center: Spanning over 6 city blocks, this museum celebrates Kansas’ rich agricultural history.
  • Overland Park Convention Center: Home to some of the best conventions and events in Kansas City!