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Frustrated with mice running rampant in Johnson County?

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Frustrated with mice running rampant in Johnson County?

Midway Pest Management offers one-of-a-kind extermination services to quickly and effectively eliminate it. Reliable baiting, trapping, and spraying with an expert application of these methods will put an end to your mouse problem.

We’ll bring you the same expert solution for all other household pests, too. Rats, bed bugs, and even termites stand no chance against our licensed professionals who have designed custom solutions for individual needs.

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Rodent or Wildlife Problem? Spot the intruders now!

RodentAppearanceCommon Nesting SpotsPotential Damage
House MouseSmall, gray, or light brown, Mickey-size earsAttics or suspended ceilings, wall cavities, crawlspaces, and kitchen areasChew through wires, plastic, and drywall
Norway RatGrey fur, long tailsBasements, crawlspaces, and wall voidsChew through wires, plastic, and drywall
Deer MouseSmall brown rodentAttics or basements by gnawing nests into boxes or drawers, cushions, and stuffed furniture, and wall voidsCan spread hantavirus
Pack RatRat-like appearance with a long tail and large ears, black eyesFeeds on vegetation, twigs, shoots, seeds, fruits, cacti, and acornsN/A
Prairie DogBurrowing rodent, a distinctive warning callCan tunnel under buildings or other structuresN/A
ChipmunkSquirrel cousinBasement or attic spacesChew through electrical wiring, pipes, insulation, and flooring
Ground SquirrelLives in burrowsBasements, crawlspaces, and wall voidsCan compromise heating and air conditioning systems, wiring, insulation, roofing, fascia, soffits, and storage boxes
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Benefits of Mouse Control

Mice may appear to be harmless, but they can extensively damage your property and have potential health risks.

Here are some of the benefits of using a mice extermination service:

  • Save time and money: Don’t waste your time trying to eliminate mice – enlist the help of a professional. They’ll resolve infestations quickly with long-term results, saving you time, energy, and money.
  • Stop property damage: Mice gnaw through electrical wiring, walls, and insulation and may cause serious fires or structural damage if not controlled. A professional exterminator will stop this from happening to your home.
  • Options to fit all budgets: Our professional mice extermination services offer customized packages for any budget or situation that you may have. You can ensure a quality job at an affordable rate.
  • Minimize health risks: Mice spread diseases with their droppings, urine, and saliva – don’t take the risk of exposing yourself or your family members to potential disease vectors without expert help.
  • Instant results: If DIY techniques fail to resolve the issue, it may be time to contact pest control companies for help. At Midway Pest Management, we examine possible causes and offer tailored treatments best suited for mouse removal in your specific environment.

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Tips to Prevent Mice Infestation

Mice infestation can be a difficult problem to solve. But if you take the right steps, you can prevent further issues.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Store away food: Stuff like grains, seeds, beans, and flour must be stored in glass or metal containers. Merely wiping surfaces won’t do the trick.
  • Patch-up holes: No matter how small they may be, use steel wool and patch walls inside and outside your home. Preventing access is essential.
  • Remove nesting sites: Clean up leaf piles and deep mulch to eliminate rodent hideouts. Keep your property clear for effective prevention.
  • Clean house: Clear garbage, compost piles, and bird feeders from around your home to eliminate easy-access food sources for rodents.
  • Build smart: Design your buildings to exclude rodents with solid construction methods to make them rodent-proof.
  • Essential oils: Spritz peppermint essential oil as a natural mouse repellent – fragrant and effective!
  • Mouse traps: Set up simple traps if a mouse infestation already exists. Wear appropriate gear when handling feces!
  • Consult an expert: Work with an experienced pest control professional for inspections and customized prevention plans.

Why You Need Professional Mice Extermination Services

Dealing with a mice infestation is no joke. It’s a serious issue that can put your family’s health and safety at risk. Professional mice extermination services give you peace of mind that it’ll be handled safely and efficiently.

At Midway Pest Management, Our expert technicians have the know-how to get rid of the problem quickly and permanently and they also provide solutions to prevent future issues.

You know it won’t be fun. That’s why we’re here. Our exterminators take the stress out, so you don’t have to. Avoid costly repairs and potential health hazards with our experienced professionals.

We prevent property damage and diseases like those associated with rodents. We keep your home safe from wire chewing, electrical faults, and other risks too. Let us make these unwanted pests a worry no more.

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Our 3-Step Process

REMOVE: Capturing and Removing Rodents

Our mouse and rat trapping and removal process starts by setting traps in highly-infested areas. These traps are designed to capture, contain, or temporarily disable rodents so they can be safely removed.

PREVENT: Seal All Possible Entry Points

Protecting your home from pests isn’t something to take lightly. Our technicians make sure no detail is overlooked; they will identify and block entry points used or potentially used by mice or rats. Our 3 Step Process gives you complete protection, plus a service warranty. Forget about the hassle of pests in your home, we’ve got you covered!​

POPULATION CONTROL: Protect the entire perimeter of your home with population control devices to prevent re-entry

The last piece of the puzzle to keep rodents away for good? Mice population control.

Our pro technicians will talk you through how it works. We’ll review an outdoor population control procedure with you, including the placement of rodent control stations around your home. Each station contains specially-crafted rodenticide that kills pests on ingestion.

Easy, safe, done.

Keep your home free of them forever – get started today!


Our trapping service is just one part of the battle against pests. It will remove mice or rats that have caused an infestation inside your home or business. But it won’t guarantee they won’t return which means you need to seal up entry points and use other devices to prevent a new population from entering.

Attic Insulation Contamination From Rodents

Sick of rodents invading your attic? Midway Pest Management can help. Our Attic Insulation Restoration service not only removes all damaged insulation and replaces it with industry-leading products, but also sanitizes the area for health and safety.

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How long does the extermination process take?

Mice extermination can take several days to a few weeks, depending on the extent of the infestation. Our professional exterminators assess your property, identify possible mouse entry points, and craft our own solution. We also use various methods such as baiting and trapping to get the job done. Upon completion, you will see a significant decrease in mice inside your home.

Do you have experience dealing with common pests?

Yes. We specialize in controlling a variety of unwanted pests, including rodents, roaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs, and other bugs. We provide residential and commercial pest control solutions to solve your problem quickly and effectively.

Are the chemicals used safe for my family and pets?

Yes! We assure our customers that our technicians only use safe and effective EPA-registered products when controlling pests in residential or commercial spaces alike. To guarantee safety, make sure to establish a dialogue with our professional exterminators so that everyone is on the same page.

What do you offer in terms of commercial pest control?

We provide a variety of services such as bug treatment, pest and wildlife control, tailored to businesses, apartments, and multi-unit dwellings to help protect them from infestations.

What should I do if I suspect a pest infestation?

Contact Midway Pest Management right away for an inspection and consultation. We’ll help identify the problem and develop an action plan tailored for you, so you can get back to being comfortable in your own home or business environment again as soon as possible!

Can I trust your technicians in my home?

Absolutely. At Midway Pest Management we only hire the most highly trained and experienced technicians who have earned our trust over the years.

How can I prevent future infestations?

The key to prevention is taking preventative measures now before an infestation takes place. Keep your home clean and free of clutter, seal any potential entry points, and keep food stored properly—these are all ways to help reduce the chances of having unwelcome visitors in your home or business.

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