Merriam, KS

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Located in the heart of Johnson County, Merriam, Kansas is a charming small city with a population of just 11,191. Recognized for its hospitable community, diverse population, and many attractions, Merriam is known for being an ideal place to settle down, grow and explore. From adventurous outdoor activities and family-friendly events to local eateries and clubs, there’s something special waiting around every corner.


The Shawnee Indians were the first settlers of Merriam, arriving from Ohio and Missouri between 1826 and 1833. David Gee Campbell, a Tennessean, bought land from an Indian in 1864, moving his home near Turkey Creek. That year he also founded the town of Campbellton in his name.

In 1870, the railway was established and Campbellton was renamed “Merriam” after Charles Merriam, a former secretary/treasurer of the railway. Merriam Park opened to the public soon after and attracted over 20,000 visitors daily until its closure in the early 1900s. At this time it became the biggest town in Northeast Kansas.

Education has always been important to Merriam, beginning with Quaker Mission schools in homes and stores during their settlement period. In 1911 they built Merriam Grade and High School which served students until 1969 when they became part of Shawnee Mission School District. Today there are two elementary schools within the City: Merriam Park and Crestview.

Meriam’s history is one of progress; evolving from a small mission school to a well-respected school district today. Their commitment to education has played an integral role in their development – from Quaker Missions to award-winning modern facilities – making them what they are now: a thriving community with strong roots in education and rich cultural heritage.

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Amid 2020, the small town of Merriam in Kansas recorded a population of 11,191 people with a median age of 39.3 years and a median household income of $63,347– a slight increase from 2019’s count to 11,185 individuals. Even as the population rose modestly by 0.0536%, its average household income surprisingly dipped by -0.719%.

Despite the dips and rises faced by Merriam, Kansas this year, it continues to endure as a strong community filled with citizens eager to get back on their feet post-pandemic.

Based on the recent census data, shows that while there is diversity in terms of ethnicity, Merriam still largely remains a predominantly White community in nature.

Ethnic GroupPercentage of Population
White (Non-Hispanic)79.6%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)6.76%
White (Hispanic)6.02%
Asian (Non-Hispanic)2.48%
Two+ (Non-Hispanic)2.36%

The gender breakdown of Merriam, Kansas is approximately 52.9% female and 47.1% male, according to the most recent census data.


Merriam, Kansas is a place rich in healthcare facilities. From Shawnee Mission Medical Center in nearby Overland Park to local urgent care clinics and family practices, there’s a plethora of resources to provide service to the community. Don’t forget pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart. Also specialists like dentists, optometrists and chiropractors.

The residents of Merriam have excellent health insurance coverage, based on the recent census data.

Type of Health CoveragePercentage of Population
Employee Plans56.2%
Non-group Plans14%
Military/VA Plans1.57%

The last recorded per capita healthcare expenditure increased as well from $7,429 last 2013 to $7,651 in 2014, showing significant growth of 2.99%.

Primary care physicians in Johnson County receive an average of 810 patients each year – a slight decrease since 2013 (815). A notable difference can be seen when comparing these numbers with those for dentists (1,154) or mental health treatment providers (414).

Living in Merriam means residents benefit from its healthy population due to the fantastic provision of medical establishments and facilities available almost everywhere you turn!


On average, Merriam homes have approximately 2 cars per household. Recent data also show that 87.2% of individuals drive their own vehicle to work with 8.8% carpooling, 2.5% working from home, and only 0.2% using mass transit for commuting purposes.

Merriam is well-served by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), offering a range of convenient bus and rail services. The 47 route connects Merriam to Downtown Kansas City, while the 63 route travels between Merriam and Olathe. Those living in Merriam also have access to a free shuttle service, called the Merriam Connector, running from the Town Center to Shawnee Plaza.

On top of this, locals benefit from taxi and popular ride-sharing services proving ideal for comfortable travel all year round. Easy access to other cities without having to own a car makes life more manageable in the city.


Merriam, Kansas offers two public elementary schools: Merriam Park Elementary School and Crestview Elementary School. These schools are part of the Shawnee Mission School District and are recognized for their academic excellence by the U.S. Department of Education and the Kansas Department of Education.

In 2020, 0.711% of men over 25 years had not completed any academic degree. The most common educational level obtained by the working population was High School or Equivalent (593k), followed by Some College (554k) and bachelor’s Degree (440k). Women followed a similar trend with 0.659% having no schooling background.

Points of Interests

For those looking for adventure, Merriam offers plenty. From bike trails and bird-watching tours to zip lining and water parks, there’s no shortage of things to do. If you’re more inclined towards relaxation, take a stroll through downtown Merriam and enjoy some local fare or browse one of the boutiques located there. 

Whether you’re visiting for pleasure or just passing through, you’ll find something enjoyable in Merriam, Kansas.

  • Turkey Creek Waterfall and Park – Surrounded by lush greenery, the 16-acre park offers an idyllic setting for visitors to explore. From playgrounds and soccer fields to benches looking out onto the picturesque waterfall, this enchanting spot is a real treat.
  • Turkey Creek Streamway Trail – Serving as a link between several parks, visitors can take in the Merriam Marketplace on their walk here, where they are sure to find plenty of vibrant stalls selling fresh produce on Saturday mornings in summer.
  • Antioch Park – This spectacular park is managed by Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department, offering a host of activities: interactive Wild West buildings, an arboretum, rose gardens, two lakes perfect for fishing plus other sports courts.
  • Tim Murphy Art Gallery – A public art center that showcases artwork from national and regional artists in regular exhibitions – perfect for art and photography lovers.
  • Turkey Creek Festival – An annual event that brings many together at the end of May. Enjoy food trucks, browse crafts stalls, make sure to enjoy some live music, and participate in competitive events.