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Midway Pest Management offers top-notch snake removal services in Johnson County, KS. Our team of qualified experts is well-equipped to smoothly conduct safe, quick, and timely animal removal services.

Handling a snake safely requires expertise and knowledge that most people don’t have. To avoid potential injuries or worse, it’s best to engage professional snake control experts. Midway Pest Management is here to keep you, your family, and your pets safe from risk, while also quickly and efficiently securing your property against future intrusions.

From emergency call-outs to scheduled treatments, you can trust Midway to deliver a professional experience and guarantee satisfactory results.

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The Risks of Venomous Snakes in Johnson County

Venomous snakes are incredibly dangerous. Snake venom can lower blood pressure, and cause paralysis, and tissue death. If you come across a venomous snake it is vital to get as far away as possible in order to avoid potentially serious injury or even death. 

The majority of snakes in Kansas are harmless, but there are a few venomous ones that can be found in this state. Knowing which species to look out for is key to staying safe.

Below are the 4 types of venomous snakes in Kansas:

  • Prairie Rattlesnakes are not aggressive. They only bite if they feel threatened. A Prairie Rrattlesnake’s bite can be fatal if untreated, so be aware.
  • Timber Rattlesnake is known to be the most deadly snake in Kansas and bites when provoked. Be wary around heavily vegetated and rocky outcrops on partially treed hillsides as that’s where these snakes can usually be found.
  • Western Massasauga is a type of rattlesnake native to Kansas that is much smaller in size. This species prefers moisture, thus being often found around wetlands or other damp areas in most parts of the state.
  • Cottonmouth Snakes are rare in Johnson County. They are semi-aquatic vipers and their bite can cause excruciating pain on top of being potentially fatal. 

Don’t gamble with your safety — contact the experts from Midway Pest Management for snake removal services!

Our team of experts is trained and experienced in using the best pest control techniques, traps, and eco-friendly strategies to capture different venomous snake species in Johnson County. Set an appointment today with Midway Pest Management.

How Midway Pest Management Can Help with Snake Removal

Midway Pest Management offers top-notch snake removal services in Johnson County, KS. Our experienced team uses the latest techniques and equipment to efficiently remove any type of snake from your property.

Our trained professionals use humane and eco-friendly methods in our snake removal services, equipped with the right tools and know-how to safely capture and relocate snakes without causing harm – while keeping future intrusions at bay by using environmentally-friendly products.

Some of the methods we use are:

  • Hooking – An easy and safe way to handle snakes that allows one to safely pick them up and transfer them from your property, helping to protect both humans and animals.
  • Trapping – A frontier trapper with bait can be set in areas where snakes are likely to frequent, allowing for safe capture and relocation into a suitable natural environment. 
  • Exclusions – The use of physical barriers such as mesh screens or caulking to seal off any entrance points.
  • Natural Deterrents – Plant-based repellents are used to keep snakes away from a property. These measures should always be used alongside other efficient prevention methods for the best results.

Your safety is our top priority. We offer individualized plans tailored to your specific needs. Put your trust in us – we’ll handle any snake issue professionally and quickly.

What to Expect During a Snake Removal Service

Midway Pest Management snake removal service starts by conducting a thorough inspection of your property. We identify any potential entry points and the type and location of the snake(s) present.

Our team of professionals identifies snakes through their key field marks such as body type, head shape, and coloring. These will be assessed through the use of a field guide or other resources for proper species identification. 

You will receive regular updates on the progress of removal and our team will provide guidance on how to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

Midway Pest Management takes extra precautionary steps to ensure your property is safe and healthy after a successful snake removal. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are effective in eliminating any bacteria or odors left behind. Give us a call today!

Preventing Future Snake Infestations

Prevention is the most effective way of controlling snake populations without harming them. Keep snakes away and reduce the risk of snake bites by taking preventive measures before it’s too late. 

Exclusion services are an effective way to keep pests away from your building. Protect your home from future snake intrusions with Midway Pest Management’s exclusion service. By sealing off all the entry points of the building, you can prevent pests from entering in the first place.

Tips to Prevent Snake Infestations on your Property

Snakes can be drawn to warmth, shelter, food, and water. To prevent snake infestations in your properties, there are several steps you can take. Consider the following tips below:

1. Lawn care: Mowing the grass regularly prevents snakes from finding shelter and food in tall grass.

2. Store pet food properly: Don’t leave pet dishes outside as this attracts insects and mice, which are food sources for snakes.

3. Remove debris: Eliminate possible hiding spots by taking away plywood or metal siding that may be lying in your yard.

4. Reduce food sources: Remove overgrown grass or an unkempt garden to make your property less attractive to snakes.

5. Eliminate standing water: Snakes need water too, so removing any standing water can reduce the chances of them visiting your property.

6. Seal cracks and openings: Block points of entry by sealing off foundations, walls, and basements to stop snakes from getting inside your home.

7. Learn about local species: Become familiar with the habitat and behavior of nearby snake species so you can take preventive measures if needed.

8. Consider professional help: If you’re struggling with a snake infestation at home or on your property, consult a professional pest control company such as Midway Pest Management for safe removal services.

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