Westwood, KS

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Westwood, KS is a small city in northeast Johnson County. It’s home to 1,700 residents who live in a mix of residential and business neighborhoods. The Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Care Pavilion of the University of Kansas Hospital is located here, as are corporate offices and retail stores.

Westwood borders Roeland Park, Fairway, Mission Woods, Mission Hills, and Westwood Hills in Johnson County. To the north, you’ll find Kansas City, Kansas in the Unified Government Wyandotte County/Kansas City. The state line with Missouri lies just to the east.

This quaint city offers a rich history alongside modern amenities and diverse businesses. Locals proudly call Westwood their home – a place where tradition meets progress every day.

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Westwood, KS is home to more than 1,700 thousand people as of 2020 and has a median age of 35.9. From 2019 to 2020 the city experienced a population increase of 5.37%. Situated in Wyandotte county, Westwood is a thriving community with plenty for its residents to enjoy.

Westwood, KS is primarily composed of the White (Non-Hispanic) ethnic group at 82.6%, followed by White (Hispanic) at 8.3%, Asian (Non-Hispanic) at 3.78%, Two+ (Non-Hispanic) at 2.69%, and Other (Hispanic) 1.66%.

It’s a diverse community, with White (Non-Hispanic) making up the largest share, representing over four-fifths of the population. The rest are comprised mostly of Hispanic and Asian individuals, as well as those

98.1% of Westwood residents are United States citizens. This is higher than the national average of 93.4%. Such statistics point to the region’s strong sense of patriotism and commitment to upholding United States values.

Westwood enjoys lower poverty levels than the national average. 4.3% of its population is living beneath the poverty line, compared to 12.8% across the United States. This shines a light on how well its citizens are faring and suggests successful policies for managing poverty in its local economic system.


The land around what is now Westwood was originally home to the Kansa and Pawnee Indians. In the 1830s Captain Joseph Parks, at that time Head Chief of the Shawnee negotiated with the US Government in order to move the tribes from Ohio to Northeast Kansas. As part of an 1854 treaty, Parks was awarded 1,290 acres of land located between Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

Parks passed away in 1859 without having made a will as to how the land should be distributed amongst his heirs. For over sixty years they disputed its division until it was ultimately given to his granddaughter and her husband: Catherine and John Swatzell. They built a stone home there in 1898, which still stands today at 4958 Rainbow Road, marking the beginnings of Westwood.

After World War II saw an increase in suburban development around this house and so a group of local residents formed the Hudson Mission Homes Association in order to provide streets and utility services for their growing community. Finally, in 1949 Westwood achieved secure status as an incorporated city taking its name from Westwood Missouri which lies immediately east of it.

To preserve its history and help others to appreciate it more fully former mayor Karen Johnson partnered with the City Council Parks & Recreation Committee to design a historic walking tour with both paper and digital interactive versions. Thanks to the visitors, they can get a clear picture of the depth of Westwood’s past while exploring its neighborhoods on foot.

Quality of Life

Westwood provides a pleasant residential environment to homeowners. Homes are mostly owned with an average of 2.2 people in a household. It’s walkable, scoring 65 on the Walk Score, and bike-friendly, scoring 46 on the Bike Score.

There are parks and playgrounds nearby as well as good daycare and urgent care options – which makes it a great place to live. It could have positive impacts on well-being and academic performance, giving students living in Westwood all they need to succeed.


Westwood, KS is a small town with much to offer. The economy of Westwood employs 1,050 people in a variety of industries. The largest industry is Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, with 163 people employed; followed by Health Care and Social Assistance (152) and Educational Services (133).

From 2019 to 2020, its economy experienced positive growth at a rate of 14.5%. This growth can be attributed to its highly diverse economic base and support from local businesses. The community offers strong job opportunities in many sectors including health care, education, and professional services. With its high employment rate, Westwood is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking job stability or those who want to escape urban sprawl for a less crowded pace of life.


95.1% of Westwood residents have health coverage. 70.1% are employed plans, 1.15% Medicaid, 12.9% Medicare, 10.8% non-group, and no military or VA plans. No one is without health coverage in Westwood; the population takes advantage of all forms of health insurance available to them.


Westwood is a great place for students. It has some of the top-rated public schools, such as Westwood View Elementary School, Indian Hills Middle School, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, Shawnee Mission East High School, and Sumner Academy of Arts & Science.

There are also excellent study spots in Westwood such as Roasterie Café – Woodside Village provides a quiet and comfortable atmosphere that could help with learning. It also has good food and beverages which can be helpful for those long study sessions. Another great spot is The Kansas City Public Library – Plaza Branch. Here you will find plenty of books and resources to aid in your studies.


Westwood’s transportation system doesn’t only benefit its residents. It also serves users from Wyandotte County, other northeast Johnson County cities, and beyond. That’s why the City of Westwood must build a system that both meets their own needs and those of these external users.

RideKC is now KC’s unified public transportation website. Johnson County Transit provides service to the region as part of this scheme, and Westwood is covered under KCATA. Together, all these services make up a regional network that helps people in and around Westwood get around.

With RideKC and other services, Westwood can better serve not just its citizens but people from surrounding areas too. It demonstrates how local transport solutions can have wider-reaching benefits – something important for city planners to bear in mind.

Places to Visit

Westwood is a tranquil small city near the Missouri state line in northeast Kansas where there are plenty of peaceful getaways. Here are some places in Westwood worth visiting:

The Myriad House—an art gallery and antique shop —is perfect for those who love art and antiques. The Better Cheddar is ideal for cheese and gourmet food lovers. For mystery and suspense fans, there’s the Murder Mystery Company in Kansas City.

You can also go shopping at Country Club Plaza, a mall located in Kansas City that is just a short drive away from Westwood. Enjoy food while you’re there! Westwood has many restaurants to choose from such as Conroy’s Public House, The Restaurant at 1900, or Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken – plus Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Unforked, Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop, 1889 Pizza Napoletana, Blue Sushi Sake Grill & Tacle Republic or First Watch.

And if you like nature and outdoor activities don’t miss out on the local parks – such as Westwood Park & Rainbow Boulevard – that offer rewarding experiences.