Rat Exterminator in Johnson County KS

Having an issue with rats? Midway Pest Management can help. We provide Johnson County, Kansas, and surrounding areas with effective rat control solutions.

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Having an issue with rats? Midway Pest Management can help. We provide Johnson County, Kansas, and surrounding areas with effective rat control solutions.

Our technicians will identify the root cause of the infestation and implement methods like trapping, baiting, or exclusion to fix it.

If you want to stay pest-free in the future, our team can offer preventative advice. This includes eliminating points of entry for other common pests to keep them away from your property. And we also specialize in wildlife control, bed bug control, bird control, dead animal removal, and more.

For stress-free rat extermination services, trust Midway Pest Management. We provide quality results that eliminate infestations without hassle.

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Common Types of Rats in Johnson County

Norway Rats

Norway Rats are large burrowers. It can grow up to 16 inches long and can weigh 7-18 ounces. They have grey or brown fur and a white underside on their tail. Their diet is omnivorous, meaning they eat anything.

Roof Rats

Roof Rats are much smaller than Norway Rats. They measure up to 10 inches in length and 5 ounces in weight. Black fur with a white underside makes them easy to spot. Roof Rats tend to live in elevated areas such as your attic or roof. They also have an omnivorous diet and seek out anything edible.


Woodrats differ with their dark brown fur, are slightly longer than roof rats at 14 inches, and can weigh about 8-24 ounces. Usually nesting in wooded areas, foraging for food. Keep your distance — these rats bite!

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The 3 Early Signs of Rat Infestation

Have suspicions of a rat infestation? Check for these telltale signs:

1. Droppings: Small, dark droppings about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long are surefire signs of rats nearby.

2. Gnaw marks: Rats will search for food and chew on furniture or food packaging–be sure to inspect your belongings carefully.

3. Rub marks: Streaks of dirt or grease from the rat’s body will often appear as another sign that rats may be present in your area.

If you spot any of these signs, contact Midway Pest Management for reliable rat extermination services!

Potential Health Hazards Associated with Rat Infestations

Health HazardCauseSymptoms
Rat-bite feverBacterial infection from a rat bite or scratchFever, vomiting, joint pain, rash
Hantavirus pulmonary syndromeViral disease from exposure to rat droppings, urine, or salivaFever, muscle aches, cough, respiratory distress, potential for death
LeptospirosisBacterial infection from rat urine or contaminated water/soilFlu-like symptoms, including fever, muscle aches, headaches, vomiting, potential for worsening without prompt treatment
SalmonellosisBacterial infection from contact with rat fecesDiarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps
Murine TyphusTyphus contracted through rat fleas in rural areasHigh fever, headaches, joint pain
Colorado tick feverViral disease transmitted by ticks carried by ratsFever, headache, severe muscle aches
Cutaneous LeishmaniasisParasitic infection transmitted by sand fly bites attracted to rat-infested areasSkin ulcers, sores
RotovirusContamination of food with Rotovirus from rat infestationsDiarrhea, vomiting, fever
Nasal AllergyAllergic reaction from rat droppings and urineNasal congestion, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes
Lymphocytic choriomeningitisViral infection from contact with rat droppings or urineFever, headache, muscle aches

Causes of Rat Infestations

Rat infestations happen for a variety of reasons. But one thing remains the same, it can cause major problems. Poor sanitation, open garbage cans and compost piles, and warm dark spaces like basements and attics can attract these pesky creatures.

Keep Rats Away – Follow These Essential Prevention Tips!

1. Seal Cracks: Rats are able to squeeze through very small openings, so make sure yours are properly filled with caulk or other appropriate materials.

2. Compact Food Sources: Store food in airtight containers and dispose of it regularly to reduce excess water and food sources around the home.

3. Clean Up Clutter: Remove objects from the walls, as rats like to hide in clutter and debris.

4. Natural Deterrents: Sprinkle pepper or use pepper spray near entry points for rats to discourage them from entering your home.

5. Traps: Set traps baited with peanut butter, unsalted seeds, bananas, or apples to effectively reduce rat populations – or contact Midway Pest Management for help.

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Our Rodent Control Services

Mouse and Rat Removal

Our team will trap and remove existing rodents from your home. Our experienced technicians are masters of trapping and exclusion, ensuring the rodents don’t return.


We will seal all entry points. Our careful adjustments help create an impassable barrier against common pests.

Rodent Control

Our team will control outdoor populations with population control devices around the perimeter of your home. This will not only protect against future pests but also eliminate any lingering rodents as they ingest the rodenticide contained in these stations.

This 3-step service is backed by our warranty, giving you peace of mind.

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​Get Expert Trapping Services!

Our trapping option is designed to remove mice or rats from homes and businesses that were initially infested. Please note that this service does not ensure that mice or rats will not return to your home, as preventive sealing of potential entry points and population control devices are not part of the service.

Save your Attic from Rodent Infestation – Restore Insulation Now!

Need to restore your attic insulation too? We can do that! Our Attic Insulation Restoration service eliminates damaged insulation, sanitizes the area, and replaces it with new insulation. Let us take care of the restoration process so you don’t have to worry about safety hazards caused by rodents.

Other Pest Control Services

We employ experts in the field who use proven methods to remove your pest problem quickly and effectively. As seasoned pros, we’re familiar with all the local restrictions – guaranteeing a safe, compliant result every time.

  • Pest Protection Programs
  • Residential Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Squirrel Control
  • Bat Removal Services
  • Termite Control and Prevention
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Bird Control
  • Exhaust Vent Clean-Out

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What methods does Midway Pest Management use for rat extermination?

We provide a variety of solutions to rat extermination, but we specialize in humane trapping and removal. We are committed to ensuring that your home is free from rats without causing any harm to the animals.

Our team can provide effective population control services around the perimeter of your home so you won’t have to worry about future pests.

Are your pest control services safe for children and pets?

Yes, our pest control services are safe for children and pets. We use humane methods and only EPA-approved products to ensure the safety of your family and home.

Our team is highly trained in the safe application of all treatments, so you can be sure that your home will remain a safe environment for everyone. We have eco-friendly options for those who are looking for a more natural solution.

How long does a typical rat extermination service take?

The length of time it takes to successfully exterminate a rat infestation depends on the severity of the issue. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and address any problem areas quickly and efficiently.

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your rodent problem is addressed in a timely manner, from trapping and removal to population control. We can also provide preventative services that will help protect against future infestations.

What should I do to prepare for a rat extermination service?

To prepare for a rat extermination service, it is best to ensure that the area is accessible and that all potential entry points are closed off. This includes sealing any holes in the walls or around windows and doors.

Also try to remove any food sources or hiding spots, such as clutter and piles of debris. Be sure to keep pets away from the area while the service is being performed.

Why Choose Midway Pest Management for Your Rat Extermination Needs?

The timeline for a typical rat extermination service at Midway Pest Management is as follows:

1. Inspection – Our team will inspect your home to determine the extent of the infestation and any potential entry points.

2. Removal – We will humanely trap and remove existing rodents from your home, ensuring they don’t return.

3. Prevention – To prevent future pests from entering your home, we will install population control devices around the perimeter of your home.

At Midway Pest Management, our team is highly trained and experienced in providing prompt and efficient pest control services. We strive to provide a fast and effective solution for all your rat extermination needs.

So don’t hesitate – contact us today to rid your home of unwanted pests!