Lake Quivira, KS

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Lake Quivira, Kansas is a modern city nestled in Wyandotte County. It has a population of 1,600 and hosts the beautiful Lake Quivira Country Club. Home values average around $180,000.

The city boasts cultural diversity and exhibits strong economic standings. Average incomes tip at $60,000 and many major medical centers are located nearby. Transportation is also available with bus routes and a train station near the lake.

Children attend schools within the Lake Quivira School District, which serves an excellent education system for all ages to enjoy. Residents can take advantage of the city’s family-friendly activities as well as its beautiful lake frontage views.


Located in Johnson and Wyandotte counties in the State of Kansas, Lake Quivira was incorporated on July 12, 1971. The development of the city began in the 1920s when Charles E. Gault set out to build a subdivision around an artificial lake.The city’s vital features, like a dam and clubhouse, were completed by 1930 and a golf course finished with eighteen holes the following year.

The sale of lots boomed from 1928-1930 but the construction was slow. By the 1950s, Quivira had become a residential community with exclusive access to its golf course. In 1966, it became a gated, private community.

Today, Lake Quivira has 394 houses, and residents enjoy access to plentiful amenities and a family-oriented lifestyle. All its features provide for strong camaraderie amongst its inhabitants.

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Lake Quivira, KS is a diverse and wealthy city. In the 2020 US Census, the data showed the city’s total population at 1.08k people with a median age of 48 and a median household income of $153,750. From 2019 to 2020, its population grew by 17.5%, while its income grew by 0.272%.

The population boasts a range of ethnic backgrounds, with whites constituting the majority, followed by Asians, Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics/Latinos.

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White (Non-Hispanic)96%
Two+ (Non-Hispanic)1.67%
White (Hispanic)1.11%
American Indian & Alaska Native1.02%
Black or African American0.0925%


Lake Quivira, Kansas offers a great quality of life for families and individuals. It has numerous specialized medical centers nearby, such as Providence Medical Center, AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, and Overland Park Regional Medical Center, to provide various treatments and services. There are also several pharmacies available in the city.

Wellness activities are also present in this city—yoga studios, massage parlors, and holistic treatments can be found here. Outdoor recreation is also encouraged in the area with parks and trails available for exercise and enjoyment.

The Lake Quivira Country Club offers its members access to fitness programs and outdoor activities. All of this makes Lake Quivira an excellent choice for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.


Lake Quivira, Kansas is easily accessible by car, with the main roads leading into the city being Kansas Highway 5 and Kansas Highway 32. Just an hour away, Kansas City International Airport gives visitors easy access to the city too. For those who prefer public transportation, there is a bus service that runs from Kansas City to Lake Quivira.

In addition to the available public transportation options, many Lake Quivira residents own cars for private use. Car rental services, bike paths, and walking trails offer Lake Quivira visitors different options for transport. This allows visitors to roam the city at their own pace and with ease.


Lake Quivira, Kansas is served by two school districts, Shawnee Mission School District and Turner School District. Shawnee Mission School District has nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. Recognized for its academic excellence, the district puts a premium on extracurriculars, such as sports and art. It also ensures a safe learning environment for all its students.

The Turner School District serves the western part of Lake Quivira. It provides a comprehensive education program with a rigorous curriculum aligned with state standards.

The Lake Quivira Country Club also offers educational programs for its members and their families. From basic math to advanced courses spanning the sciences and humanities – tutoring is available for those needing extra help. Parents benefit from a secure place where their kids can focus on furthering their knowledge alongside participating in recreational activities like golf or swimming.

Points of Interests

Lake Quivira is a popular destination for tourists, offering various attractions and landmarks. The Lake Quivira Country Club is one of them, providing a golf course, tennis court, pool, and restaurant for the whole family to enjoy. The annual Lake Quivira Holiday Bazaar is another attraction. Held in Kansas City, it offers antiques, collectibles, and clothing.

The most iconic aspect of this scenic town is its lake–popular for fishing, swimming, and boating. Those who visit are sure to soak up its beauty as they relax in nature’s embrace.

Boat rides and guided fishing trips organized by the local community are also available to visitors. Lake Quivira is an ideal destination for those who want to experience the outdoors and explore!