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Why should YOU hire us for your Quarterly Pest Control?

To start with, we have an entomologist (bug scientist) on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or advise us on any situation we may encounter at your home.

Second…we don’t just do a simple little walk-around inspection like some other companies do. We do a complete 58 Point Pest Survey & Analysis of your home, inside out, top to bottom… and we show you the results.

Third…we also have a Guarantee that is UNMATCHED by any of our competitors, and that is this: If you hire us to get rid of your pest problem and, at the end of 30 days, you are not 100% happy, we’ll come back and retreat your home for free. And we’ll keep on treating it for free until you tell us you’re happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you paid for the initial treatment. PLUS…we’ll pay YOU an additional $25.00 for your time and trouble. That is how confident we are in the work we do.

And lastly, you may contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Bottom line: You WILL be 100% Happy…or you won’t pay a penny!

The Midway Experience: Quarterly Pest Control

Our team offers 3 Tiers of Pest Control Service customized for each client’s needs.

Each Tier is provided on a quarterly basis, ensuring year-round protection against pests.

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Get Rid of Pests with Our Residential Pest Control Service

 Quarterly Pest Control Tier 1Quarterly Pest Control Tier 2Quarterly Pest Control Tier 3
Initial Service
During the initial treatment, Midway Pest creates an insect barrier outdoors and treats the indoors. We’ll also remove unwanted spider webs and wasp nests from the exterior of your home.
Proven Approach
Midway Pest only uses premium products to eradicate pests, including the most stubborn insects. Our technician will be your insect detectives and not just simply treat problem areas but investigate where the source of the problem is originating to quickly eliminate the issue.
Unmatched Warranty
Guarantee that is UNMATCHED by any of our competitors, and that is this: If you hire us to get rid of your pest problem and, at the end of 30 days, you are not 100% happy, we’ll come back and retreat your home for free. And we’ll keep on treating it for free until you tell us you’re happy. If that still doesn’t make you happy, we’ll give you back every penny you paid for the initial treatment. PLUS…we’ll pay YOU an additional $25.00 for your time and trouble. That is how confident we are in the work we do.
Safety First
Midway Pest uses only EPA certified products and are applied by certified professionals. Customers can feel safe in their homes and know that their safety is our number one priority.
Mosquito Control
During the three warmer quarters of the year, Midway Pest will treat your exterior lawn and landscape areas for Mosquitoes. (Application restrictions may apply).
Mosquito-Flea-Tick Prevention
During the three warmer quarters of the year, Midway Pest will treat your exterior lawn and landscape areas for Mosquitoes, Fleas and Ticks (Application restrictions may apply).

Remedies like traps, baits, or repellants may work temporarily, but a professional exterminator can provide a more long-term solution.

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe from pest invaders, you need the right pest control service. Midway Pest Management is here to provide not only effective pest and wildlife control services but also outstanding customer service with quality and professionalism.

We proudly serve Johnson County communities like Lenexa, Overland Park, and Shawnee, as well as the entire Kansas City metro area.

Don’t let unwanted pests take over – contact us today for reliable pest control services.

Watch Out for These Pesky Pests in Johnson County!

If you’re a homeowner in Johnson County, chances are you’ve encountered pests at one time or another.

Here are some of the most common pests in the area:

  • Ants: Ants present contamination issues with bacteria on surfaces and food. Damages occur infesting walls and foundations of homes.
  • Mosquitoes: With their ability to breed and lay eggs in stagnant water, mosquitoes are drawn to properties with lots of plants and vegetation.
  • Silverfish: These bugs damage books, paper products, and fabrics found in homes while inducing allergic reactions.
  • Beetles: Fabric, carpets, or materials inside the house are damaged by beetles. Specific species contaminate food causing allergic reactions as well.
  • Crickets: Nosy chirping can be a nuisance, but also trigger allergies and asthma with feces and shed skin damaging fabric and paper.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches can be dangerous to have in your home due to their ability to spread bacteria and allergens.
  • Bed bugs: These blood-feeding insects may be small, but they’re a big problem once they make their way into your home.
  • Spiders: You commonly find these home invaders, but some species can bite humans and be dangerous with allergic reactions, itching, and infections.
Experience a pest-free and comfortable environment with Midway Pest Management

Eliminate unwanted pests and protect your home or business with our top-quality pest control services. Don’t let pests disrupt your peace of mind – schedule your appointment today.

Wildlife Woes in Johnson County – The Pests You Need to Evict!

Having wildlife pests on your Johnson County property can be a real headache. These creatures can wreak havoc on your home or business.

Some of the common wildlife in Kansas include:

  • Raccoons: These furry creatures love rummaging through garbage cans and gardens. They can cause structural damage once they take up residence in your attic or chimney.
  • Rodents: Known for transmitting diseases like salmonella & hantavirus, they can also create fire hazards by chewing on electrical wiring.
  • Skunks: Skunks are known for their foul odor and ability to spray at anything that threatens them. They often make dens underneath porches or sheds.
  • Squirrels: These rodents love nesting in attics where they’re out of sight. But their constant gnawing on wires and other surfaces can cause extensive damage over time.
  • Mice: These small rodents can cause big problems by chewing through wires and causing structural damage. They can also transmit disease through their urine and feces.
  • Bats: Entering through small openings, bats can cause damage to property and carry diseases such as rabies.

But fear not, with Midway Pest Management you can say goodbye to these pesky critters. Our team of experts will safely and effectively remove any wildlife nuisances from your space for good.​

Benefits of Residential Pest Control

Do you know the Benefits of Residential Pest Control? Here are 5 reasons to consider:

1. Healthier Living Environment: Pests like rodents and insects can carry harmful diseases and allergens, but regular pest control services can prevent exposure to these health risks.

2. Better Sleep Quality: Having a pest-free home means less worry about creepy crawlies interrupting your sleep and causing anxiety.

3. Saves Money: Taking care of pest infestations early on can save you money in expensive repairs, such as electrical wiring damages caused by rodents.

4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your home is protected from unwanted pests gives you peace of mind and reduces stress related to unexpected encounters with bugs or rodents.

5. Protects Your Property: Termites, carpenter ants, and other pests can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. Regular pest control treatments help protect your property investment.

The Midway Experience: Rodent Control

When it comes to rodent infestation, you need experts who know what they’re doing. That’s where our team at Midway Pest Management comes in.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your property and recommend the best plan of action to eliminate the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Trust us for effective rodent control solutions that work.

Other Services

Midway Pest Management: Animal Removal Services

  • Squirrel Removal
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Bat Removal
  • Bird Removal & Control
  • Skunk Removal
  • Dead Animal Removal


How often should I schedule pest control services?

Neglecting pest control can lead to a frenzy of creepy crawlies invading your space. Schedule monthly or quarterly services customized to your area. Taking these preventative measures will put an end to any unpleasant surprises.

How can I prepare for pest control services?

If you want to make the most out of your pest control services, then preparation is key. Here are some tips:

  • Gather Information: Before pest control arrives, tell them your concerns: type and location of pests, and damage caused by them.
  • Declutter: Remove any barrier that may get in the way of the pest control technician. Put away dishes, toys, and boxes in areas needing treatment.
  • Clean: Wipe down counters and dispose of trash. Remove food sources and standing water in your home. This makes treatment easier for specialists.
  • Seal Openings: Before an exterminator arrives, seal off cracks or entry points to prevent more pests from entering your home.
  • Move family and pets: Keep children and animals out of your house as pesticides can irritate the skin. Ask how long to stay out during treatments.
  • Be Present: Walk the pest specialist through various rooms where pests hide. This makes it easier for them to diagnose and treat problems.
  • Follow Instructions: Cooperate with the service person before, during, and after pesticide application. Prepare to remove personal items on floors or kitchen cabinets.
  • Post-cleaning: After treatment cleaning is crucial to prevent residue from lingering around your home. Wash pillowcases or bedding to remove health threats.

Are your pest control treatments safe for pets and children?

Midway Pest Management only uses EPA-certified products. Our experts will apply odorless and non-staining solutions to ensure a safe home environment.

Although our treatments are safe, it’s best to take preventive measures by discussing any concerns or potential risks with our team. We recommend cooperating with the exterminator and staying away during treatment to further ensure the safety of your loved ones.

How long does it take for pest control treatments to work?

The time it takes for pest control treatments to work depends on the severity of the infestation and the type of pest treated. In smaller apartments, it could take two days or more, while in larger homes, the process might take one day.

Be patient with professional pest control treatments. It can take up to six weeks to fully eradicate a pest problem. Feel free to contact us with any concerns!

What should I do if pests return after treatment?

After our team finishes the initial treatments, we don’t leave you hanging. We conduct follow-up inspections to ensure success. We check for any residual pest activity and take action if necessary.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your property is being properly maintained by our thorough team. Our goal is to keep you protected from infestations for longer periods of time.

Discover the benefits of expert pest control with Midway Pest Management

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Why Choose Midway Pest Management?

At Midway, we can help you solve your pest and wildlife problem in an eco-friendly and humane way.

Midway Pest Management only uses environmentally-friendly products and methods that are not harmful to your family, pets, or customers. Our skilled and experienced team will help you say goodbye to those pesky insects and rodents.

Kick those pesky pests to the curb! Craft a personalized pest control plan tailored to your needs and wallet, and say hello to a worry-free home sweet home. 

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