Bucyrus, KS

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Bucyrus, Kansas is an unincorporated community located in Miami County, Kansas, United States. Native American tribes have also inhabited and scattered along the Bucyrus area for thousands of years, as evidenced by archaeologists finding evidence of their presence from long before any white settlers arrived. 


Founded in 1867, this small community was named after Bucyrus, Ohio. It is a rural area that has its fair share of historical sites, like the Bucyrus Cemetery and the old Bucryus school building. The Frontier Military Historic Byway also runs through the city.

Agriculture has been the main source of income for Bucyrus since its establishment. Milk came from local farmers who supplied a creamery operated by the Mennonite community. Even now, lots of the original farms remain active, giving a glimpse into Kansas’ rooted past and culture.


Bucyrus is a small city located in the state of Kansas. In 2020, it had a population of 269 people, with a median resident age of 29 and an average household income of $75,817. The city is home to primarily White (Non-Hispanic) residents, with 100% reporting English as the primary language spoken at home.


The city of Bucyrus in Kansas has seen job market growth of 1.5% in the last year. For the next decade, expansion is predicted to be 34.2%, significantly above the nationwide average. Bucyrus also has an unemployment rate of 3.5% which is significantly lower than the United States average of 6.0%

For residents, this means wages and salaries will rise too. On average they make $26,714 annually, while median household income stands at $75,817 in 2020 – higher than most US cities. Taxes are also more competitive here; sales and income tax rates are 8% and 5.7%, respectively.

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The residents of Bucyrus value their health; Over 62.5% are covered with healthcare. Of these, 49.8% use employee plans, 9.67% Medicaid, and 2.97% Medicare. To ensure proper care, primary care physicians see an average of 2105 people each year – an increase of 0.67%. Personal healthcare spending has risen 2.99%, to $7,651 per capita in Miami County, Kansas in 2014.


The schools in Bucyrus spend $9,690 per student annually – less than the United States average of $12,383. There is a teacher for every 16 pupils, and there are 456 students for each librarian and 912 children for each counselor.

Though small, Bucyrus is surrounded by many educational opportunities in cities such as Kansas City and Johnson County. Mid-America Nazarene University, Johnson County Community College, Wright Career College, and more are close-by for every student who wishes to seek further learning.


Bucyrus residents have access to multiple transportation options in Kansas City. Most people drive to work alone, with an average commute time of 29 minutes. On average, households have two cars each which allow for easy access to the city and surrounding places.

Points of Interests

Those who are looking for some history may visit the Bucyrus Cemetery located in the community. Some of the original farms in the Bucyrus area are still intact. Visitors can also take a short drive to nearby Kansas City to explore more iconic tourist attractions; From art galleries like Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to museums like Arabia Steamboat, visitors can find something new everywhere they look.