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We understand the frustration of having wasps nesting in your home or business. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also pose a threat to you and your loved ones.

Midway Pest Management offers specialized wasp nest removal services in Johnson County, KS. Our team of experts uses safe and effective techniques to eliminate these pesky pests from your property.

Why You Need to Remove Wasp Nests

Don’t risk the danger and harm that can come from a wasp sting. Wasps can be aggressive and will defend their nests if they feel threatened, which is why it’s important to remove them promptly. 

Removing wasp nests from your property will not only ensure your safety but also prevent damage to your home or business.

Don’t let these nuisance pests invade your space and disrupt your outdoor enjoyment – invest in a professional wasp nest removal service today.

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Expertise in Wasps Nest Removal

Midway Pest Management is an expert in handling various wasp nest infestations.

Years of experience handling various wasps nest infestations

Our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience have paved the way to develop safe and effective wasp nest removal techniques that ensure a successful outcome without causing harm to you, your family, or the environment.

Safe and effective wasps nest removal techniques

We know how to spot the differences between different types of nests and apply appropriate treatments effectively. Whether it is a paper wasp, yellow jacket, or hornet infestation, we have mastered the required techniques for effective removal.

Use of environmentally-friendly treatments

We use products that are safe for human beings and don’t cause adverse effects on nature. Our green products provide targeted control while protecting the environment from dangerous treatment products often used in many pest control services.

Midway Pest Management provides high-quality services backed by expertise garnered over several years to ensure complete satisfaction at every job site. 

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Benefits of Hiring Midway Pest Management for Wasps Nest Removal Services

If you have a wasp infestation on your property, it’s crucial to have it removed quickly to prevent safety hazards. Here are the benefits of hiring Midway Pest Management for wasps nest removal:

1. Efficiently eliminate the entire nest

Midway Pest Management’s experts can effectively remove the entire nest, including the queen, which prevents future infestations.

2. Prevention of future infestations

Midway Pest Management provides comprehensive wasp control services that include exclusion methods to prevent further infestations.

3. Protection of your safety and property

With our safe and effective techniques, we can safeguard your property from harm caused by potential wasp stings.

4. Professional and dependable service

Rely on Midway Pest Management’s skilled technicians to provide responsible and dependable wasps nest removal services while promoting complete customer satisfaction.

In case of any emergencies arising out of an unexpected wasp-problem situation, trust Midway Pest Management wasps nest removal services.

Types of Wasps and Nests

Paper Wasp

To identify paper wasps, look for their gray or brown open-combed nests with cells for brood rearing and a petiole that attaches the nest to a branch or other structure. These social insects secrete a chemical that repels ants and uses a paper-like material made from fibers they gather from dead wood and plant stems mixed with saliva.

The nests can be found in sheltered areas like the eaves of a house, the branches of a tree, on the end of an open pipe, or on an old clothesline. 


Hornets are the largest type of eusocial wasps, and they are similar in appearance to yellowjackets. They differ from other vespine wasps with their large top head margin. The larvae produce a sugary secretion that is consumed by workers and queens, while adult hornets feed on nectar, and sugar-rich plant foods, and attack insects with stings and jaws. Due to their size and venom potency, hornets are capable of killing large insects such as honey bees with ease.

Hornets construct communal nests made from chewed wood pulp, usually found in trees and shrubs but sometimes underground or in cavities.

Yellow Jacket

To identify a yellow jacket, look for its distinctive black and yellow markings and observe its rapid, side-to-side flight pattern before landing. All female yellow jackets are capable of stinging, but they play an important role as predators of pest insects. These social hunters live in colonies consisting of workers, queens, and males.

Yellowjackets build nests in trees, shrubs, man-made structures, or protected places like soil cavities or mouse burrows by using chewed-up wood fiber made into a paper-like pulp.

Mud Dauber

Mud daubers are long and slender wasps that build their nests out of the mud. While they can become belligerent when threatened, these solitary wasps are not normally aggressive. They hunt spiders to provision their nests for their offspring, thereby acting as beneficial insects by helping control spider populations.

Their nests can become a nuisance in certain areas such as garages or under eaves.

Bald-Faced Hornet

If you encounter a bald-faced hornet, it is important to keep your distance. As an omnivorous wasp with an aggressive defense mechanism, they can pose significant sting risks to humans. If stung, be aware of potential allergic reactions or infections that may result.

Their egg-shaped paper nests can be found in trees, shrubs, or structures like houses and sheds, and require caution when around them. 

Cicada Killer

You may have heard of cicada killers and their potential danger, but rest assured that they are not harmful to humans. These large wasps are actually quite gentle and play a significant role in controlling cicada populations. Cicada killers nest in the ground and can disturb lawns with their burrows, but their value in the food chain outweighs any potential negative impact.

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Signs of a Wasps Nest Infestation

If you suspect a wasp infestation in or around your home, there are several signs to look out for including”

  • Spotting flying insects around your house and garden. Pay attention to their flight patterns as they swarm around a certain area, indicating that they have a nest nearby.
  • Finding a wasp nest on your property. The nest has a ball-like shape, usually in greyish color with a twisting swirly pattern on the outside with a honeycomb pattern inside. You might spot it on overhangs, eaves, porch ceilings, trees, window sills, or even garages.
  • Hearing tapping or buzzing sounds. This can indicate that there is a wasp nest nearby as they make noise while building their nests. 

It’s important to take note of these signs as well as any other unusual activity like smelling something sweet or experiencing physical symptoms such as stings and allergies. 

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