Loch Lloyd, MO

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Loch Lloyd is a private, gated community in northwest Cass County, Missouri. It lies beside the Kansas border of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Its namesake was Harry J. Lloyd, the original real estate developer who passed away in 1997. It’s known for its 110-acre lake, alongside Mill Creek, and two golf courses.

The upscale village boasts an 18-hole golf course designed by Donald Sechrest and constructed in 1990. This championship course was inaugurated when it hosted the Seniors’ Southwestern Bell Classic.

In 2008, Tom Watson announced he would redesign this 18-hole golf course with nine additional holes along with 220 new residential lots for the Village of Loch Lloyd. Since its opening in 2012, this Tom Watson Signature Design Golf Course has earned great praise from avid golfers and continues to be a popular place to tee off or relax on a peaceful evening stroll around Mill Creek’s 110-acre lake.


The latest population data available is from the year 2020, and it reported a population of 669 people living in Loch Lloyd. Fast forward to 2023, worldpopulationreview.com reported that the population has risen to 941, with an annual growth rate of 2.84%.

Given this surge in population size, there is a likelihood that this growth rate will continue into 2023. This suggestion comes on the back of some research that suggests a steady rise in population numbers in Loch Lloyd over the past few years. It appears that more and more people are choosing the small town as a place to call home each year.


Loch Lloyd is a great place for work. Its unemployment rate is low, at only 3.8%, compared to the US average of 6%. In the last year alone, job growth has been up 1.3% and predictions expect it to be 33% in the coming decade, lower than the US average of 33.5%.

Taxes are low, too. The Sales Tax Rate is 9%, against the US average of 7.3%, while the Income Tax Rate stands at 5.9%, compared to 4.6% on a national level. These factors make Loch Lloyd an attractive choice when comparing the cost of living expenses.

Typical income amounts here are higher than most. An average resident makes $129,621 a year while the median household earns $149,375 – much more than their US counterparts who make an average salary and median household income of $28,555 and $53,482 respectively.

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98.4% of people living in Loch Lloyd have health coverage. Most are covered by employee plans, Medicare, or non-group plans. The area also offers several hospitals and medical centers within a 50-mile radius. For instance, Boone Hospital Center, University of Missouri Health Care, and Women’s and Children’s Hospital are all available to the community.

People in the area can access quality healthcare with the numerous options in Loch Lloyd and its surrounding area. Residents can select from a variety of care providers to suit their particular needs and preferences – whether it’s an urgent care clinic for minor illnesses or injuries or specialists for more complex conditions.


There are 4 public elementary schools in Loch Lloyd, Missouri. 60% of elementary school students attend private schools and demonstrate an average of 47.2% proficiency in math and 45.2% in reading & language arts. Elementary school teachers earn, on average, $36,401 per year and oversee 16 students on average.

Two public middle schools are also present in Loch Lloyd. 64.3% of middle school students attend private schools with 35% demonstrating proficiency in math and 44.5% mastering reading & language arts. Middle school teachers earn, on average, $36,401 while overseeing 16 students each year.

Loch Lloyd has a single public high school. 58.3% of high schoolers turn to private education facilities while the remaining 16% demonstrate proficiency in math, while 69% demonstrate mastery of reading & language arts subjects. The salary for teaching high school is also $36,401 annually with 17 students per class on average.


Over 76% of Loch Lloyd workers drive to work. This indicates that cars are the main form of transportation in this area.

Only 3.7% settle for carpooling, which can be an option for those who have similar jobs nearby. The village is next to the Kansas border and even the national metropolis of Kansas City, so it’s easy to access nearby cities if needed.

The commute time for the area is 25 minutes one way, which is lower than Missouri (23 minutes) and the United States average (26 minutes).

Thus, having a car is vital for most Loch Lloyd employees since it guarantees convenience and allows flexible travel schedules when getting to or from work. Carpooling could be beneficial for those with close job locations but is utilized sparsely by comparison.

Activities and Amenities at Loch Lloyd MO

At Loch Lloyd’s 110-acre Lake, you can enjoy boating, swimming, or fishing with your family and friends. There are also two golf courses for those who love to golf: Donald Sechrest-designed course and Tom Watson’s Signature Design which opened in 2012. Belton High School, which is located nearby, also serves Loch Lloyd’s residents.

The Village of Loch Lloyd holds meetings that are open to the public about ongoing issues in the village, held at 16750 Country Club Drive; giving an opportunity for participation with local issues and decisions of importance to its residents.

You can experience a resort-like lifestyle with a central focus on outdoor activities while still enjoying all amenities necessary if living outside major cities, plus knowing what’s going on close by through these local meetings -making Loch Llody a great option when looking for tranquility and satisfying activities!

The Country Club

For those craving community and access to world-class amenities, the Country Club at Loch Lloyd beckons. Inspired by the sunlit days of summer, the pool is perfect for lounging with neighbors or enjoying a game of tennis with a favorite doubles partner. Members can take advantage of lessons from tennis pros and dine together at the full-service grill.

Kids and grandkids are more than welcome to participate in activities such as junior golf, tennis club, or the Loch Lloyd Lightning swim team. For parents and family members, this means you can join in the fun too!

The Clubhouse

When it’s time to host an event, the Clubhouse is a magnificent choice. Featuring a lower-level Grand Ballroom and an outdoor event lawn overlooking the water, the venue can handle weddings and receptions of almost any size. 

For business-related events such as luncheons, meetings, and seminars, there are also several versatile venues available. From exquisite cuisine and attentive service to striking surroundings, no detail will be overlooked. 

The Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is a state-of-the-art facility with everything needed to create the ideal workout routine. Here, members have access to top weight training and cardio equipment, yoga classes, and aerobics with certified instructors. Locker rooms feature saunas and a massage suite that has been exquisitely appointed for total pampering.