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At Midway Pest Management, we offer personalized treatments and prevention plans to reduce the spider population fast. Our team also uses the most recent tools and technology to safely remove spiders from your property.

In addition, our qualified pest professionals provide long-term protection from pests like webs or nests that cause potentially harmful damages. Contact us now and let us help you with your pest issue.

Looking for Eight-Legged Company? Spot Johnson County’s Most Common Spiders!

  • House Spider: A harmless species of spider, found in homes during the fall season in the Kansas City metro area. Feeds on other insects.
  • Carolina Wolf Spider: Large nocturnal spiders that live in prairies, yards and sometimes houses. Eats insects and is predated upon by reptiles, birds and small mammals.
  • Black Widow: A poisonous spider native to Kansas, identifiable by its red hourglass markings. Human bites are rarely fatal but should still be treated medically.
  • Brown Recluse Spider: Another poisonous spider found in Kansas that can cause necrotic lesions from its bite. Found indoors due to its preference for dark corners. Also known as fiddlebacks.
  • Jumping Spiders: Jumping spiders make up a large group of spiders in Kansas, active during spring-fall seasons. Includes the tan jumping spider, daring jumper and zebra spider; use their rear legs to jump long distances and are active hunters.
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Do Spiders Pose a Problem?

Spiders, while generally harmless, can pose a variety of risks:

1. Spider Bites: Some spider species such as (Brown Recluse spider and Black Widow)can make humans very sick with their bites, even potentially leading to death if not treated promptly. It’s important to seek medical help if bitten by a spider.

2. Allergies: An allergic reaction to spiders may cause itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing. Seek medical assistance immediately if this occurs.

3. Infestation: Spiders lay lots of eggs too quickly – if left unchecked they can grow out of control, leading to a bigger pest problem.

4. Phobia: Even though most spiders are harmless, some people might have an intense fear of them that affects their daily life.

5. Structural Damage: Though the spiders won’t damage the house directly, their webs need careful cleaning and in severe cases could attract other pests that could damage fabrics and clothing inside the home.

Signs of a Spider Infestation

  • Live Spiders: If you consistently spot spiders inside and outside your home, this is a sure sign of an infestation. This means they’re mating and reproducing.
  • Webs: Seeing spider webs around hedges and bushes, or inside your house is a tell-tale sign. These webs are typically laid by spiders who have laid eggs which later hatch into spiderlings.
  • Spider Molts: Shedded skins are another indicator as spiders grow they’re forced to leave their exoskeleton behind.
  • Egg Sacs: Spider egg sacs can contain up to 250 eggs each! If you find one in your home, it’s likely the population is getting larger.
  • Spider Bites: If you’re waking up with mysterious bites that look like bug bites with two small puncture holes, it could mean you’ve got a spider issue or at least some kind of pest issue that needs attention.

Get rid of creepy crawlies with Midway Pest Management!

At Midway Pest Management, we provide spider and other pest control services, with a comprehensive inspection and treatment, ongoing exterior treatments every quarter, and free re-treatments if the pests return.

What To Expect from Us

Initial Service

During our initial service visit, we’ll eliminate active common household dwelling bugs inside and outside your home. Active barriers and spider webs will be removed from the exterior and a bug barrier will be applied to the perimeter. Plus, free return visits if any pest activity arises in between.

Recurring Quarterly Service

We’ll keep up this barrier, remove webs or nests, and search out rodents, termites, cockroaches, insects, wildlife, or birds that may have made your home their own. Plus quick response times on additional services.

Still Seeing Bugs?

Call Midway Pest Management! We are committed to providing each customer with a great pest control experience. We take customer service seriously and we are here to help you with your pest control needs.


How often should spider control services be performed?

Typically, a regular spider control service should be performed every quarter. However, depending on the severity of the infestation, this could potentially be increased to monthly or even bi-monthly inspections.

Are Midway Pest Management’s spider control services safe for my family and pets?

Yes! Our experienced technicians use only pest removal EPA-approved products that are safe for homeowners, pets, and the environment. We take great care when treating spider infestations and make sure all safety standards are met.

How long does it take to see results after spider control treatment?

After treatment has been done, you may begin to experience results any time within 24 hours. However, it could take as long as two weeks to achieve the complete elimination of all spiders on the property.

What other pest control services do you provide?

Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in all specific areas of pest management, including insect control, spider control, flea control, bed bug control, rodent control, ants and termites control. We also provide a wide range of animal control services tailored to meet your exact needs.

From one-off treatments and preventative measures to residential or commercial pest control and wildlife removal, we have you covered.

What measures can I take to prevent spider infestations in the future?

You can take steps to prevent excessive spider infestation in the future. Employing proper sanitation practices, sealing off points of entry into homes or buildings, and using insecticides or fungicides in appropriate areas are great steps to keep any potential pest scenario from getting out of hand.

Or even better, call us to do all the work and we will keep your home safe from spiders.

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What Benefits Does Midway Pest Management Offer?

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment for the initial visit.
  • Ongoing exterior treatments scheduled quarterly.
  • Guaranteed protection with no additional cost for the recurring pest problem.
  • Strict adherence to Kansas Department of Agriculture standards and regulations.
  • Full-time customer service team available by telephone 7 days per week.
  • Uses eco-friendly pest control solutions whenever possible.
  • Offers free consultations and second opinions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Delivers personalized customer service tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for residential and commercial pest control services, we got your back! We provide quality pest control services tailored to the unique needs of your home – guaranteeing protection against spiders and other unwanted pests. All at very reasonable prices! Contact us today!